The Most Overhyped Games this Generation

Hype is necessary for gaming. By hyping upcoming titles, publishers and developers get a lot of attention. Whether the game is hyped for being part of a long running series, graphics, gameplay modes, or another feature, gamers cling to every piece of information that gets released for the hyped title. Some titles live up to the hype and even surpass it, while others struggle to live up to the massive amounts of hype that accumulate over the development cycle.

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IcyJoker1873296d ago

Don't agree with Twilight Princess or Killzone 2.

Everything else is cool

GWAVE3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

HAHAHAHAH! Killzone 2 was overhyped according to the list...

KZ2 was only "overhyped" in the eyes of blind fanboys. It smashed expectations and it's one of the highest-rated FPSs of this generation, not to mention one of the BEST looking games of this generation.

This author reeks. They put Lair and Haze on the list, but only mention Gears 2 and Too Human at the bottom? And they don't even mention Banjo Kazooie:N&B or Fable II?

gaffyh3296d ago

I agree with the list, but the game that should have been number 1 should have been either Lair or Too Human. Why? Because neither delivered the experience they were hyping.

Killzone 2 on the other hand was overhyped as a system seller, but the game itself is great and well worthy of the hype, only noobs/fanboys complain about the controls (which are fine imo).

Tinted Eyes3296d ago

lol @ The 360 fans disagreeing. They WANT Killzone 2 to be a disappointment. lol

mastiffchild3296d ago

Killzone2 is a fine game that had a massive burden to carry-that of the target render to start with and then when that sarted to look likely to be met daft expectations were thrust upon the game. Not by Sony, mind, as if they wanted a system seller they certainly didn't market it as such and nor do I recall them saying it would sell consoles for them if I'm honest. The problem I have with this list, however, is I get the feeling it was only ever written so they could put KZ2 in it.

It isn't even the first time a list like this has been done to do almost exactly that and the fact is 99% of the KZ2 hype was press and fanboys with mad expectations. What exactly did GG or Sony say the game would do that it failed to do? Fable2 or Too Guman on the other hand have a history with DD and PM spouting BS about what they'd manage with their games. That's direct dev hype that was NEVER met and you could lump in Lair with that as well. Gaze was just a sad and disappointing game but whether it was FRDs fault I'm not sure. I reckon having all kinds of funding and middleware pulled just took it's toll in the end-it wasn't as if they had Duacks ten year dev luxury is it?

Sadly Killzone will forever, as a series, be judged by the unwise Halo Killer name the first game got(and what an over ambitious, but imo glorious, failure that was for a PS2 game-they just didn't have the tech for their vision)but it wasn't overhuped from within for the second game at least and you can't blame a game that technically hit all it's marks. Overhyped? I'm not so sure what that really means if I'm honest. Surely it should mean statements and promises from devs and pubs and not the ramblings of fanboys.

ultimolu3296d ago

Killzone 2 lived up to the damn hype.

That's the difference. That was one of the best FPS games I ever played.

NewZealander3296d ago

i agree with KZ2 the most, i didnt like that game at all, yeah it looked good, especially the opening cut scene, but the brown/grey buildings got very repetitive.

mal_tez923296d ago

But at least the game exceeded expectations and was absolutely fun and amazing. GTA IV however, was also overhyped, but wasn't that good, so left many disappointed.

pixelsword3296d ago

"HAHAHAHAH! Killzone 2 was overhyped according to the list... "


It's just an opinion piece... all because someone writes for a (dubious) website you act like their opinion is better than yours; perhaps it does if you let them think for you.

Be a *little* better than that, k?

ReservoirDog3163296d ago

from the article:

"The gameplay was just far too similar to the previous titles and the game style lost the magic feeling that made it so fun in the past. Cosmetically the game moved the series forward, but the storytelling and gameplay remained the same."

The gameplay wasn't like the previous. The targeting actually worked well this time but Niko moved slower (which I loved). And the storytelling moved from parodies of movies to truly one of the best stories ever told.


It didn't meet the expectations of everybody but it surpassed mine in a way I never imagined (see my top 5 list in my bio).

tplarkin73296d ago

An overhyped game is one that fails commercially or one that gets put on the shelf before finishing it. Halo 3 is still going strong.

WildArmed3296d ago

GTA IV by far.
Too human had quite a hype too.
Lair n Haze sound about right.
K2 delivered on what it stood for.
Halo 3 def. had alot of hype.
GeOW2 was over hyped too. (coz GeOW was just awesome)
Ah n lastly the infamous Halo 3 ODST

vickers5003296d ago

"KZ2 was only "overhyped" in the eyes of blind fanboys." - I guess only fanboys can't like this game. And I guess having an opinion different from yours means I'm a fanboy.

it's one of the highest-rated FPSs of this generation - So? Who gives a f*ck. I thought we are supposed to judge games ourselves, not pay attention to ratings, I mean I would have thought you (the n4g community, seeing as the agrees pretty much speak for everyone on the site) would have learned your lesson from Halo 3 and GTA4, but I see you guys still think that ratings=quality for some stupid reason.

NoBias3296d ago

4 PS3 owners disagree with your opinion. I'm sure others who haven't played it will follow.

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PS3 slim3296d ago

Uncharted 2 will make the next list. I guess PS3 is number one at something.

alphakennybody3296d ago

unlike the xbox the ps3 deliver it.

oh what recent exclusive on the xbox delivered section8; flop darkest days: flop

PS3 slim3296d ago

Probably will flop in sales like most PS3 exclusive titles too. We all know multi platform games kick the sh*t out of PS3 exclusives in sales because they're generally not as over hyped. Word of mouth gets out and the exclusive games don't sell well.

alphakennybody3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

multi-platform what part of that word you don't understand, thats a really dumb statement you just threw. i'll give you a hint its on more than one consoles. I'm losing faith in humanity day by day with people with that kind of logic
edit: Oh i'm sorry if I misspelled one word profeszor panda here I'll edit it for you will

Pandamobile3296d ago

"thats a really dumbe statement you just threw."

Lol irony...

RockmanII73296d ago

Isn't Section 8 and Darkest of Days on the PC as well? You guys need to decide whether PC counts or not when talking about exclusives.

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alphakennybody3296d ago

Halo 3 ODST should be on top, live action trailers ,ridiculous price and marketing just for a dlc man if, this trend goes on with all those mindless fools buying it at that price I'm quitting gaming you can quote me on that.

DK_Kithuni_713296d ago

..the Halo series sure as hell is overhyped to death. Why over 2 million people go out and pay full prices for a DLC is beyond me. That's just stupid. Gamers should know better than to support crap like that from Microsoft (or any other company).

alphakennybody3296d ago

I've already stop buying multi-platform since I own a ps3 so I buy only exclusives because they're the only one that truly shines on it.

mal_tez923296d ago

I go multiplat for Call of Duty mainly, Assassins creed also looks good.

Led Zeppelin3296d ago

Go ahead and quit gaming. One less twelve year old online...

And I would be willing to bet you've never even played ODST.

alphakennybody3295d ago

@ led zepplin
why would I own it? even if I had a 360, I would never support such overpriced dlc that doesn't bring anything new to the table . And your comment is not really convincing me that you're more mature than a "12" year old.

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Chewytime3296d ago

Killzone 2's graphics lived up to hype. The Multiplayer was very good but even that didn't live up to the hype. Also the single player was pretty generic.

Arnon3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )


I reserved and paid off Killzone 2. I took a day off work to play this game. I was blown away. The game was gorgeous, the multiplayer fun, etc. etc. Then I started to actually see it. The game was one of the smallest FPS's I've ever played. Content wise, of course. I mean, just look at what came out of the box. a 6-7 hour campaign with a story that had a terrible script. The multiplayer, while being fun, became boring... and quick. Like I said... 11-12 weapons, 10 ranks, and about 7 maps out of the box. In 3 days time, I walked away from Killzone 2 with Rank: 10 and about 68% of all the trophies of the game.

I also placed in the top 3% or something like that for the best players of the week? What's with people saying this game is hard? Is it because of the controls which have been classified by almost every reviewer as clunky, but according to the people on here, it's "Life like and challenging"?

Don't get me wrong on this. I thoroughly enjoyed Killzone 2. The problem? It has an extreme lack of content. It's weapons consist of the same weapon skinned a few times (i.e. 2 rocket launchers, 3-4 SMG, etc.), it's single player campaign, while truly showing the level of fidelity,beauty and grace of the game, was short and had a terrible script. I honestly thought the game would be longer, too.

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