Pachter: Microsoft can cut Xbox 360 price at anytime

Michael Pachter thinks that Microsoft can drop the price of the Xbox 360 at anytime.

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James Bond3483d ago

Yeah, but are they really that desperate? Oh wait, they are.

Aquarius3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

they need to lower the price, so they can somehow justify releasing hyptal for £200 ;)

Pirateogta3482d ago

It's pretty pathetic to cut a console's price by $300 in 3 years. See: PS3.

GWAVE3483d ago

Microsoft cut the price twice in less than 3 weeks, yet it did NOT make a major impact on sales in ANY region (not even the US or UK, amazingly).

The same goes for the Wii. It cut price by $50 and sales have remained roughly the same.

The PS3 is the only console to get a price cut/hardware revision this year and also see a dramatic increase in sales.

Hutch23553483d ago

Thats the only way it will make a difference.

nbsmatambo3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

they r gonna have to cut it again if they want to sell more than the PS3, Wii, and Ps2 in Japan

i'm guessing that $50 rebate = FAIL?

Genesis53482d ago

Maybe they should try a 2 for 1 sale.

Vicodin3482d ago

"Microsoft cut the price twice in less than 3 weeks"

The fact that they weren't real price cuts for the Xbox 360 shows just how out of touch Pachter is.

It is amazing that it has been about 8 years now and there are still people who think Microsoft is willing to throw unlimited piles of cash at the Xbox. One could understand that some people would have believed that back before the Xbox shipped because all they knew was that Microsoft 'had billions' which pretty much meant 'infinite' to them.

But in the real world Microsoft's stock has dropped in half since the Xbox was first launched and racked up some 7 billion or so in losses.

The E&D Division that the Xbox was part of even posted a loss last quarter and that division includes other profitable products that couldn't offset the 360's losses.

Microsoft is having its first ever large scale layoffs and shutting down projects and products throughout the company. It should be of absolutely no surprise that Microsoft wasn't able to drop the price of the 360 and instead had to resort to rebates and the elimination of the Pro model in reaction to the 299 PS3 Slim.

Pachter is an idiot. But everyone knew that already.

lowcarb3482d ago

The Ps3 has had quite a few price drops with no impact until now. Wait until the year is up before you start posting doom and gloom nonsense about the 360. As far as we know the holidays could turn around dramatically.

morganfell3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

@Vicodin, if Windows7 doesn't take off like a new jet fighter then MS is in serious trouble. They recently stated they know Office will have to become a free web based product and that leaves them little else on which to hang their multibillion dollar hat.

Server software? Please, Linux FTW. Software such as Sharepoint? Hardly. This could actually be a very bad Christmas for MS.

slayorofgods3482d ago

Every price drop takes a console closer to the end of its life cycle. If Microsoft drops the 360's price by 50 bucks, releases Natal and doesn't counter the PS3's momentum then I'd expect them to cut their loses and drop out.

Bzone243482d ago

lol @ all the ps3 fanboy comments.

The Xbox Empire3482d ago

lol PS3 fanboys are still worried to death, its hilarious. PS3 lost, get over it. PS3 is coming out of last place before new consoles launch and I wouldn't doubt Xbox 360 beating PS3 again by this time next year. Moves will still be made, Sony made their for the love of God stop crying.

Sarcasm3482d ago

"lol @ all the ps3 fanboy comments. "

At least they're contributing to the topic.

3482d ago
003482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

You can have trolls post long essays over the console or company they hate but asking a simple question gets your post deleted, I applaud your excellent work.

Lifendz3482d ago

I'll buy a 360. Party chat and x-game chat are not worth 50 bucks per IMO.

lowcarb3482d ago

Then why don't you just miss out this entire gen over 4 bucks a month. Yeah I know free sounds good but thats like me saying I wont buy a PS3 until they add all the features Live has and keeps it free.

Nathaniel_Drake3482d ago

After hitting the sweet spot for pricing, cutting down the price will hardly make a huge difference. The price being out of the way, the games are going to do the talking from now on.

Bzone243482d ago

"At least they're contributing to the topic."

What you consider contributing, anyone with a brain will consider trolling.

Lifendz3482d ago

rationalize them charging for something no other platform/system does. If party chat and cross game chat are that big to you don't buy a PS3. I'm sure MS loves your 50 bucks per. Meanwhile I get to use that money towards a game.

xaviertooth3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )


intelligent discussion there.

hardcore, smart and intelligent discussion here (for ps3 users)

tripewire3482d ago

"PS3 lost. Get over it"

Lost what?

I've never had so much fun on a "failed" console before.

36T3482d ago

LOL.. the amount of PS fanboys without a 360 posting negative comments in this article is hilarious. What the hell are you people so afraid of? Why in the world would anybody comment on a system and company they seem to hate? Tough love? You people are hard to figure out. The only explanation is that you're all losers. That makes perfect sense to me. I would have a field day on all you asses if i knew you personally. Want to know what a loser is?? Just come on N4G and look for the PS3 fanboys and all their multiple accounts. You don't have to look to far. They're all in the 360 section, surprisingly.

Oner3482d ago

The writing is on the wall for all to see...some will see it exactly for what it is while others will deny it because they prefer to be blind.

gaffyh3482d ago

If they cut it to $99 for an arcade, I would be really tempted to pick one up as a backup for my current 360 which is out of warranty.

IaMs123482d ago

Well the reason it made a huge impact on the PS3 was before everyone didnt buy it because it was expensive now that it drops to a more affordable price. The 360 and Wii have been at that point for awhile now

Hutch23553482d ago

In this economy, when a company like Sony loses billions of dollars, Microsoft still shows a pure profit of over a billion dollars in a quarter. Oh yeah, they are shaking in thier boots if windows 7 doesn't take off like a jet.. lol I've said it before, did Microsoft hurt you in a past life or somehting. God thats all that comes out of you, microsoft sucks at this, microsoft is in trouble with that. Most companies would kill to be in their financial shoes. Get over it.

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tdogchristy903483d ago

I don't think they should cut price. Both xbox and ps3 are kind of at a golden price point in my opinion. They both are the same price which is a major plus and yet aren't too high. Besides if ms and sony both intend a 10 year life cycle like they are claiming then they need to control the price or else it will hurt the longevity of the generation if they drop to fast.

IaMs123482d ago

Why would you complain if they dropped anymore lol

Immigrant3482d ago

please cut it

so i can buy 3 more and ship to my home country so i can play my bro in fifa 10


STICKzophrenic3482d ago

Who cares what Pachter thinks?

GameOn3482d ago

I mean, why is this guy all ways opening his big mouth and stating the obvious. It's clear the price of the 360 can drop and that could happen at any moment.
Thanks Pachter you shmuck.

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