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Robotz Rule4477d ago

I bought this month's copy of PSM and read through the Haze section and it sounds quite interesting!

Haze is gonna surprise the world!

Halo 3 and Killzone 2 might have competition believe it or not!

ngg123454477d ago

that it looks just like halo 3.

MySwordIsHeavenly4477d ago

That Halo has always tried to be Tribes...

toughNAME4477d ago

wow...i saw a screenshot awhile ago and it looked like trash...but this might actually be worth a rent

Robotz_Rule --- lol dont put Halo 3 and killzone in the same boat..dont even try

JasonPC360PS3Wii4477d ago

The last two videos kinda sucked and didn't give you much. Also would like a nice big screen update so I can stream them to my 360 and look at em on the HD screen.

MK_Red4476d ago

Amazing. I love TimeSplitters games and this looks to be even better. Great concept, superb graphics + awesome multiplayer... Great game and scans.