MGU Review: Mystery Mania

MGU writes: "Do you have what it takes to unlock the secrets hidden and forgotten in the old mansion?

The inventor, your creator, is missing and you must help the dutiful robot F8 to try and find his whereabouts. This is done by accomplishing all the tasks you discover as you roam the various rooms of the mansion. The game tests your logic solving abilities and uses a variety of equipment from cannon balls and dynamite to steaks and plants.

You have various bits of equipment laying around a room, seemingly unrelated to one another. However, by taking a battery and putting it into a remote control car, it will then make the car work. Likewise, putting a log in the fireplace, turning on the gas and then igniting it with a candle will get the fire started.

Ultimately what you must do is combine various bits of an overall puzzle in sequence to complete a task. Some rooms will require you to solve two or three inter-connected puzzles to finish the challenge."

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