Naughty Dog thanks Infinity Ward and Bungie among others in final credits of Uncharted 2

Naughty Dog gives credit to several developers in the final credits, including Bungie and Infinity Ward. Thanks to GAF poster Wario64 for the screenshot.

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Saaking4441d ago

Great job ND, and they respect other developers. Great developers indeed. Unlike others *cough* turd 10 *cough*

Crazyglues4441d ago

No question about that... It's pretty cool that they respect other developers and I would say it makes them true gamers at heart.

saint_john_paul_ii4441d ago

nice to see bungie and infinity ward giving ideas to Naughty Dog about Uncharted 2 and its multiplayer.

umair_s514441d ago

Good to see mutual respect between ND and IW, and then we have Turn10 Studios.

Cwalat4441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )

*Sometimes* the industry speaks out loud for itself:
"Fu***k fanboyism, we are united"

Note the emphasis on *Sometimes*

randomwiz4441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )

The multiplayer has some ideas from the Halo 3 multiplayer.(not that its a bad thing)
-replays(machinima is unique though)
-the way players join the lobby(you know how in halo 3 it already has specific spots that say searching for player, and in COD, they just throw players in and out of the lobby)

like so many reviewers have said, naughty dog borrows ideas from a lot of other games, but they implement equally to, or even better than the other games. Thats not to say ND have no originality(the story, and their techniques are very original) you can't spell naughty dogs without gods!

ReservoirDog3164441d ago

So true.

Maybe since all the PS3 fanboys look up to ND and the 360 fanboys look up to Bungie, they could take their example and drop the fanboy-ism.

Maddens Raiders4441d ago

Cwalat, and sometimes devs just have enough self confidence and tact to thank others and recognize peers in a real true ass way *cough* Turn 10 *cough*

LONEWOLF2314441d ago

Nice, see this is what all developers should do, instead of bashing each other they should praise one another.

badz1494441d ago

Classy! Turn 10 really needs to learn a lesson or 2! Uncharted 1st day purchase!

LONEWOLF2314441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )


That is exactly what i was going to say.
Its good to see that Naughty Dog gives respect to other developers and they let their games speak for themselves, they give and receive respect. And turn 10 does everything backwards, they talk smack only to have their words come back and bite them on their ***.

Alcon4441d ago

Wow, look at the list!
They are thanking: Guerrilla Games, Insomniac, Sucker Punch, Santa Monica, Ready at Dawn.

Its nice to see that those studios are helping each other to bring us great games!

Bnet3434441d ago

If anyone has played Halo 3 and Uncharted 2 beta, you can clearly tell that Bungie had some kind of put in on the online features for Uncharted 2. Matchmaking, Custom Games, Theater Mode, etc.

Knghtz4440d ago (Edited 4440d ago )

I wish they thanked Nintendo :(

Man, this game makes me wish I had a PS3.

AntoineDcoolette4440d ago

I have a preference for franchises associated with the Sony brand I E God of War, Devil May cry, Metal Gear Solid, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, etc as opposed to ones associated with Microsoft such as Halo, Gears of War, and Fable. I like certain genres over others. Does that mean I should sh!t talk that which I don't have a preference for? No. Do I still? Occasionally. Do I act fanboy-ish about it? I try not to and do my best to take the objective light.

Developers play games from other developers and enjoy them, credit them, give them props, and generally act less fanboyish than the masses who eat up their products.

GrandTheftZamboni4440d ago

It made my eyes all watery...

house4440d ago

by a great team who made a great game in 18 months and no smack talk class act

Bathyj4440d ago

Is anyone even surprised. ND are pure class.

The kind of guys you just meet in a pub and buy a beer.

ape0074440d ago

not like.........volition's saints row 2 activity trailer

thank you ND

zeeshan4440d ago

Turn10 can learn at least 10 things from ND!

vhero4440d ago

See Bungie are on PS3 :).

Lifendz4440d ago

Mutual respect among companies. If only Aaron Greenberg and his legion of fanboys could do the same.

Sarcasm4440d ago

Turn 10 could learn a few things.

vhero4440d ago

Exactly if only those legion of 360 dev lovers were all like this the gamin industry would be a better place. Bungie should just come to Sony that would kill MS completely OFC they couldn't release a HALO but MS couldn't release a HALO without Bungie..

Montrealien4440d ago

Translation of many comments here.

(Waaaaaaa, smack talk make me cry. Now you listen Turn 10, even though you have nothing to do with this, we would like to remind you that smack talk is bad, and useless, but I will keep reminding people that Turn 10 are meanies that talk smack by bringing up your name everytime I feel hurt by your rediculous claims!! Now I will say your name 40 times today out of spite, because lord knows the last thing you guys want is that we talk about you.)

/on topic

ZOMG Uncharted 2 is amazing! MUST BUY for everyone!! Good show of class Nughty Dog, you guys truly are at the top of the gaming Dev food chain.

slayorofgods4440d ago

And U2 finally takes the number one spot on amazon over the Wii.
Maybe they'll even have much deserved Bungie like sales!!!

Obelisk924440d ago

I think I love these guys. ND 4life.

Nice trophy pics too.

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Bumpmapping4441d ago

Turn10=No one knows or cares

kingdavid4440d ago

if only that were true.. :P

They seem to cause quite a stir with you fanboys dont they?

tdogchristy904441d ago

Both bungie with it's halo franchise, and IW with COD both did push gaming to another level. I'm happy to see ND give thanks, it really shows that it is all about the games and not the fanboyism. Naughty dog definately have joined a great team of developers that are pushing the industry for the good of all gamers.