Limited Edition: Forza 2, PC World UK website

What is the score with the limited edition, what is the extra you get with this version? If you go to game and click on forza at the bottom of the page it comes up with a link to the strategy guide and the limited edition, with the text

"The same speedy action as the Standard Edition but with added bonus cars!"

Online game retailers in the U.S. have not yet listed such edition, so we don't know anything about the content of this Limited Collector's Edition.

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gta_cb4170d ago

its not a different version, i bet its just the standard version but with the code to get that Nissan car (the one on the cover)

STICKzophrenic4169d ago

...and I got the code for that car. I think the CE has a few extra cars, per wikipedia at least, which isn't always the most reliable source.

"Collector's Edition
Forza Motorsport 2 will be released in two editions. One being the regular edition, and the other being the collector's edition, featuring a 157 page booklet and three unreleased cars. It will also contain a soundtrack CD. The three cars including the Subaru Impreza S204, Saleen Mustang S281E, and Ferrari Challenge Stradale are not available by being bought, or gifted. Various online game stores are offering a bonus code to unlock the Nissan 350Z featured on the game's cover as a playable in-game car in both editions.

The collector's edition will not be sold in the US market but has been confirmed for Asia and Europe.[12]. It is also currently available for pre-order in Canada through and at EB Games locations.

There appears to be some confusion with the Collectors Edition and who will get what, because preordering the collectors edition in Norway will give the user one unreleased car, a Nissan 350Z."

So yeah, I pre-ordered from Best Buy and got a code to download the cover car. It sucks that US is getting the CE though that we know of. I was looking forward to it.

Skizelli4169d ago

"The collector's edition will not be sold in the US market but has been confirmed for Asia and Europe."

The official site confirms that. Sucks for us Americans, but I can live without 3 cars. I'm more into the American Muscle cars anyhow. And I pre-ordered from Gamestop, so I -should- be getting a code for the Fairlady Z. I can't wait to play this online. I'm sure C class is going to be rough with all the kiddies racing dirty without a care. But I suspect that in higher, more expensive classes, not so much.

gta_cb4169d ago

oh right, sorry guys i just presumed that this was related to that code they give you when you pre-order the game, especially with them saying on here

"Is this true or just normal and game getting it all wrong!!!!! I have looked on the forza website forums but cannot find anything."

i kinda presumed as i would have thought Froza 2 website would have had something on there to do with this.

Bill Gates4169d ago

HAHAHAH....M4, and their "limited" edition crap. I guess if people fall for it, then whatever.

Black Republican4169d ago

I think alot of ppl can appreciate extra content, and the work developers put into a game.
and a collectors edition is usually only $10 more, that is not alot.
so I guess you could see it like "people fall for it" or that ppl do not mind making a choice and spedning and extra $10 on a game to get the extra content and exclusive footage on a game.

gta_cb4169d ago

please go away fanboy! we know you dont own an Xbox 360, we know you prob wont buy one although i dont know why as its a darn good console, so just stop leaving stupid comments and maybe someone will give you a bubble back.

Jdoki4169d ago

And you think Sony WON'T jump on the Collectors/Limited/Special/Leg endary/Ultimate edition bandwagon!?!

Personally, because the special editions are usually only a little more money I buy them - Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Gears of War and Viva Pinata all came in much nicer boxes!! :)

Fanboys are gay4169d ago

no doubt that the extra cars that are in the limited edition are in the normal version and unlocked by entering a certain name, do you think they actually pressed two differant versions of the game? once again logic prevails