Dear Games Industry, We Need More Games Like Demon's Souls

Split-Screen: "This article was inspired by an interesting article by G4TV, pointed out to me earlier today. This is in no mind a critique of their opinions on Halo 3: ODST – unless they resort to full blown lying about the game, they're as welcome to their opinions as any one else. The article's basis is interesting however, in how it views ODST as catering to a risk-taking style of game development. That is, give your long-time players a completely different experience, in equal lengths pushing their perceptions as well as reinforcing familiarities. The author ends by stating that we need more games such as this. Games that try new things but hold our hands throughout the experience, reminding us every now and then that it is indeed a fragment of the franchise we love.

"On that note, I point towards From Software's Demon's Souls on the Playstation 3."

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Myst3323d ago

In a way I think we do need more punishing games, that's probably what drew me into Demon's Souls. That and the fact it's an RPG both of those factors (and more than likely a few more that I am neglecting at this point) made me love Demon's Souls.

One of the hardest qualities of Demon's souls though is the lack of communication via headset. So far I've watched quite a few people who have summoned me: run out, get hit by something (even though I was standing still and trying to figure out a way to get them to stop), To which they ended up dying. I don't know how to explain it, but this game basically requires the players to have a type of Cerebral connection without any other medium. Though text chat in theory could work, going back and forth is slow and cumbersome (and more than likely you'll be attacked in that instance anyway by something or someone).

rdgneoz33322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Games that are punishing make you feel more rewarded for killing the mobs or bosses than ones that hold your hand and let you kill things too easily. With Demon's Souls, you realize you're gonna die, and die a hell of a lot, but your masochist side will have you coming back for more since its an accomplishment to kill some of the normal mobs or bosses. The last prince of Persia game on the other hand, you could fall to your death over and over and the game would hold your hand and resurrect you to try again 2 seconds later with no penalties.

Also, it does need a little bit of communication to coordinate for bosses or if you want head somewhere to release someone before you tackle a mob / boss. Then again, how epic would the game be having a knight in shining armor with a 12 year old voice on the mic...

Nike3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

One of my best friends called me a scoundrel on the internet. How classy.

Edit: My mistake. Seems he called me a repulsive specimen of the human species. Which I believe is what a scoundrel is, all said and done. Double classy. >:(

LinuxGuru3322d ago

I'll have to check this game out, for sure.

ChozenWoan3322d ago

Demons Souls
Ninja Gaiden

I'm starting to see a pattern here of some of the hardest games being the ones people flock to. While games like Price of Persia made death nearly impossible, Demons Souls makes you wallow in your own blood... and we enjoy it. >:)

Stationfan3322d ago

Give them death and they will love you for it", cant wait to get my grubby hands on the collectors edition, in the future its going to be a gem sought after by the next-next generation. But i'm not going to sell it its staying in my collection.

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