Worldwide hardware sales for week ending 03rd Oct 2009

DS - 404,632
Wii - 339,882
PS3 - 237,440
PSP - 210,772
360 - 153,713

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Saaking3299d ago

yep, PS3 destroying the failbox.

The Killer3299d ago

$150 price cut in 2 different times.

maybe with 360 elite at $199 will make a little bit of competition.

3298d ago
caffman3298d ago

is still pissing over every other console

rroded3298d ago

add 20% to the ps3 numbers and take off 25% on the 360 for the apx actual dsales. n dont forget that ms puts out shipped numbers while everyone else counts units actually sold.

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playstation1233299d ago

360 will be always last, things have change

The Xbox Empire3299d ago

You wont be saying that a year from now when PS3 is losing again.

PopEmUp3298d ago

still in dream land I see lmao

JackBNimble3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

If the trend continues , in a year from now the PS3 will have passed the Xbox in total sales numbers.
Then what will you say when your precious xbox (that had a 1 year headstart in NorthAmerica and 18 month headstart in the EU) falls behind?

PS3 is now averaging about 100K a week more in sales then the xbox, and the holiday season is just about on us.


and these fools will be hurt in the butt again when the fartbox abandons them and do another upgrade on the 360 . Next year will be the waving of the white flag. Bots can't wait to buy project ANAL for $500 bucks . we already know how MS likes to price crappy products since they have so many dumb followers.

I cant believe you would pay 100 bucks for a wireless adapter. or batteries for your controllers , a hard drive that cost your kids lunchy money , pay for fkn online gaming. and a fkn avatar that just stands there and wave hello. WTF ??????

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DK_Kithuni_713299d ago

..but the Playstation 3 continues to outsell the Xbox 360. Even in America.

GWAVE3299d ago

VGChartz isn't the only source reporting that the PS3 is outselling the 360 in all regions, so even though VGChartz is rubbish, in this case they are correct.

nbsmatambo3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )


well those are some really low #'s for the 360...isnt that less than wat it was selling pre-price cut? if so that is just horrendous :o

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zeeshan3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

VG charts is more like Video Gaming Crap! I am sure PS3 has done even better. Still waiting for NPD results :)

slayorofgods3299d ago

The PS3 still has the highest sales spike out of the 3 consoles
I don't even see Xbox's sales spike on the graph

It's VGChartz but still you can't argue much with that big of a difference!!!

Sarcasm3299d ago

If this continues into the Holiday season, the 360 elite might as well be $199 with 3 free games including ODST, Forza 3 and Splinter Cell Conviction. That'll sell like hot cakes.

The Xbox Empire3299d ago

At this pace PS3 might be able to get out of 3rd place by 2-3 year of the next console cycle. About 2014-2015. That is, if 360 never made any moves in 2010, which it will be. Meaning PS3 might not be catching up even by next generation.

josuttis3299d ago

"At this pace PS3 might be able to get out of 3rd place by 2-3 year of the next console cycle."


The PS3 has already dumped the Xbox 360 into LAST PLACE in 2/3rds of the worlds gaming markets. And it is getting destroyed in worldwide sales by a tremendous rate right now.

Hell, even the US which the only region the 360 isn't in LAST PLACE the PS3 is generating the same or higher revenue for publishers.

Gotta love the retarded fantasy world Xbox owners live in. They're like this hilarious and irrelevant sideshow between the battle of Nintendo and Sony this gen.

davekaos3299d ago

Who remembers all the posts from xbox fans saying as soon as odst hits the streets xbox units will sell like hot cakes.
Not according to this, makes you wonder, what would the sales no. of been if odst was not released??
Anyway congrats to bungie on sales of the game thats god damn good for an expansion

Oner3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

I despise VGChartz but this is for those who don't/won't/can't see a trend ~

Launch of Xbox 360 (205 weeks ago) to current date including Wii & PS3 -
Launch of PS3/Wii (152 weeks ago) to current date including Xbox 360 -

PROFIT3298d ago

enjoy your BRIBED/bought/fake reviews, its really ALL the 360 has left to brag about.

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Nathan Drake23299d ago

in last 5 weeks ps3 has sold 1,583,000 units,x360 761,000.

822,000 more ps3 sold then x360 in last 5 weeks.

gamingisnotacrime3299d ago

and its not even the holydays

soljah3299d ago

ms is facing the same fate as the last xbox. once price cuts stop working they are forced into the close out status and start the push for 720 or what ever they will call it.

PROFIT3298d ago

i remember the 32x was 200 dollars or something....that flopped so hard its a miracle that sega survived until the dreamcast.

mark my words, microsoft cant keep buying review scores at the rate theyre burning money.

Ju3298d ago

MS is very strongly going the route of Sega ... maybe they can push through this time (but so far they are making the exact same mistakes).

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James Bond3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Console war has changed. It's no longer about paying for Live, overpriced accessories, or bad hardware. It's an endless series of RROD's replaced by Microsoft. Console war - and its consumption of money- has become a well-oiled machine (not 360's). Xbot fanboys carry crappy hardware, use terrible controllers. The Jasper chips inside their Xbox 360's neither enhance nor regulate the console from overheating. Genetic control. Information control. Emotion control. Money control. Everything is monitored and kept under control by Microsoft. The age of deterrence has become the age of Microsoft's control...All in the name of selling their crappy hardware. And he who controls the hardware sales...controls fanboys. When the Xbots are under total control...Console war becomes routine

-x.Red.x-3299d ago

pretty good, haven't heard a mgs4 reference in a while.

Sunny_D3299d ago

HAHA, AWESOME! I'm saving this qoute now!

Nitrowolf23299d ago

"Console war has changed"
lol i love snake voice. my fav funny scene is when Snake is in Shadow moses and otacon calls him to switch disc.
good times, good times

Kill Crow3298d ago

PS3 got a new model and big price gut ... and with that came a sales spike. just over a month on and the spike is dropping back to normal levels ....

The importantthing is, that even though PS3 has enjoyed a spike in sales, xbox hasn't seen a dip compared to same time last year, in fact, it's had a slight rise.

In the end, PS3's spike will not last the christmass period and droids will be wondering why they're 8 million consoles behind ...again ...

3298d ago
jhoang3298d ago

the xbox price was cut as well by 100

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