Avatar: The Game Interview With Patrick Naud

Gaming Union: "Ubisoft had a pretty prominent booth at Tokyo Game Show 2009 as they showed off Assassin's Creed 2 and Splinter Cell. However, they also showed another game that drew long lines and that was James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. After showing off the stereoscopic (better known as 3D) version of the game, Gaming Union caught up with Patrick Naud, the Producer of Avatar: The Game."

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Kyll3300d ago

Hot stuff, hope I get to play it in 3D. Wonder how that'll work.

RJ920093300d ago

the game is good . It looks cool but im not getting my hopes up

mephman3299d ago

Playing it in 3D is a great experience. That might cost quite a lot though unfortunately.

RJ920093299d ago

is it going to be 3D on the 360 and ps3?