News4Gamers Radio 05/20/2007

The N4G crew discusses the Halo 3 Beta, April NPD numbers and the possibility of Metal Gear Solid 4 coming to the XBox 360 in the latest episode of News4Gamers Radio.

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Shaka2K64168d ago

Anti-sony bullshit paid by microsoft dollars reaching all blogs everywhere i see.

THAMMER14168d ago

Sony fans like you are feeling the pressure for sure. You are just making up stuff to compensate for the truth DUDE. And all for no freaking reason at all.

Go take a walk or meet a real soft and pretty girl. That should take your mind of Sony and M$ for a while if you got some real life GAME.

kingofps34168d ago

Dropping the price of the PS3 a $100 dollars in North America really won't make any serious difference. Sony knows what they are doing. They probably gonna drop the price somewhere mid-Fall, maybe. But, by Fall there would be no need for a price drop thanks to all the worthy software:)