GameZone: DJ Hero Preview

GameZone writes: "With the rhythm game genre beginning to dwindle in popularity, it's pretty easy to see that gamers are getting a little tired of the same old band mechanics. While there are some die-hards out there who run to pick up every little spin-off the Rock Band or Guitar Hero franchise (myself included), it's safe to say that the genre has hit a plateau since the introduction of full bands. Luckily, Activision and developer Freestyle Games are looking to stir things up a bit with their upcoming game, DJ Hero. Featuring a huge setlist with a great blend of electronica artists, rappers, and pop stars, DJ Hero gives players a chance to try their hands at spinning records and creating mixes courtesy of a new DJ controller. GameZone recently received a demo build of the game along with the controller, and took it out for a spin (pun intended). The game was both challenging and intuitive, which is a fine recipe for an entry to the genre".

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Foliage3390d ago


I'll wait for Scratch, the real DJ game.