PlayStation 3 and Halo 3: ODST give industry needed boost

NeoSeeker: Gamers have been complaining there is an overall lack of desirable titles for 2009, especially with the overwhelming rush we saw around this time in 2008. Yet analysts say the gaming industry is doing well this fall, even after a year filled with negative financial reports, up until August. Thanks to price cuts and solid products, the US side has cruised through September.

Two leading analysts -- Michael Pachter and Jesse Divnich -- have predicted double-digit growth, which they attribute to games like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Halo 3: ODST, The Beatles: Rockband, and Wii Sports Resort. Bungie's ODST game has already brought in $125 million in sales with 2.5 million copies sold, and that's a definite sign of life in the industry.

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Ron_Burgundy3296d ago

only the PS3 gave the industry the boost, the xbox plsf***me's RRoDst is only bringing down the industry with an overpriced expansion for 60 bucks

Pandamobile3296d ago

You guys have an acronym for everything.

kwicksandz3295d ago

i havent seen rrODST before. Made me chuckle. As much as i hate how this site has become a ps3 fanboy sewer it still has its moments.

The Killer3295d ago

this is pay back time, do u see us like this with Wii? even though the we sold more?

the thing is most of the bots r ignorant fanboys who have a rich dad in USA or mom and originally they were PC gamers and in love with shoot em up games.

the bots and the bias media was all against PS3 remember?
1: ps3 is too high
2: ps3 is weaker than 360 and multiplatform games proved it
3: ps3 RSX(video card) is weaker than 360 because it has less RAM
4: ps3 have no backward support for ps2 and ps2 games
5: ps3 have no DS3
6: ps3 games sucks(lair and heavenly sword even though its longer than ODST)
7: ps3 price cut is too little too late
8: ps3 games always get low scores and stupid game for 360 get higher
9: ps3 behind 360 and only the gap is widening
10: ps3 will be last this gen and 360 is the new ps2
11: ps3 have no RPG's and 360 is the king of RPG's LOL
12: ps3 have no software sales
13: PSN sucks

this was the case for the past 3 years!! so now its pay back time. time to teach the bots a lesson that will make them quit gaming since they are bad to gaming industry.

the american way of competition is very bad because the competitor tries to downplay its competitions and this is the mentality of the americans. useless gamers.

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pixelsword3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Ron Burgundy, that was funny.

At any rate, That's good news; I hope this also means a longer console life this time around (mostly because of the slowish start)

Simon_Brezhnev3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I agree but LMFAO @ Ron Burgundy

Shadow Flare3295d ago

...30% of the time, it breaks everytime

YourCall3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

There's always the insecure jackass that wants to bring the unprovoked negative 360 comment into the fold. Ain't that right SHADOW FLARE.

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Simon_Brezhnev3296d ago

you have to admit atleast ps3 fanboys are funny when criticizing

chrisulloa3295d ago

The only reason I come on here is to laugh at PS3tards falling to trolling. They get pretty angry over, "PS3 HAS NO GAEMZ!"

ryano232773295d ago

Not as funny as people trying to bag people and not knowing what word should have an i in it.

Falling to Trolling > makes sense

gumgum993295d ago

no doubt. The holidays have always been a profitable time for the industry.

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