Call of Duty 4 Details

A new details for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare have been revealed from the latest issue of Game Informer magazine.

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sovietsoldier4472d ago

lame! should have been jihadist that you have to plug. russia has been done to death.

gta_cb4472d ago

i have COD2 for Xbox 360, but i wasnt eager to buy COD3, and still to this day dont own COD3. so im not to sure if i am going to get this game, i personally think the money could go towards a better game, just which one... (as theres so many great looking games coming out)

PS360PCROCKS4472d ago

I also never got COD3 after loving COD2...but this time it's treyarch? I think again...I forgot I read the article in my mag. Anyways yea it'sback to the original developers and it looks and sounds amazing. I really feel like this game will start to show how next gen next gen can be

Fanboys are gay4472d ago (Edited 4472d ago )

i cant wait to download this for the xbox
if any other modders survived the ban hit my up on live my tag is BladestarX

CompGeek4471d ago

We go from realistic WW2 combat to a totally fictional pathetic war storyline? Call of Duty what happened?!

dominusbellum4471d ago

really how many times have we stormed the beach of normandy how many times do you really want to beat wwII i think it is fantastic that they are going in a different approach i do not want to play another wwII game i want to play something fresh new and exciting they will still deliver a realistic war experience just in a fictional war

THX71684471d ago

If they have Co-Op over Xbox Live I will not be disappointed.

And I want Gears of War & Crackdown type Co-Op. Full single player campaign Co-Op.

Not GRAW & Splinter Cell type Co-Op. Separate Co-Op missions that have nothing to do with the single player campaign.