Xbox 360: Banning Consoles Not the Way to Go

The banning of consoles rather than accounts on modded 360s has been a hot topic as of very recently, and PlayNoEvil has their own take - it's going to be a PR nightmare.

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power of Green 4478d ago

Dont mod your 360 and dont steal from MS and cheat the rules. Simple only people that have broken the rules and Sony fanboys give a sh*t about this.

DixieNormS4478d ago

Not about the sony fans but about the MODDERS. Just stop screwing around. You get what you deserve. If you are messing around with your 360 then you should be banned completely. We dont need cheaters on the 360 or PS3. Bar non.

N4GayFanturds4478d ago

That's all there is to it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4478d ago

Man there sure is alot of good news lately about bringing these sons of b!tches down.

gta_cb4477d ago

im so glad my Xbox 360 still works =D

in other words all my stuff IS legit =)

dantesparda4477d ago

When they say "Modders" they are not talking about people who are using "cheats" in the game while playing online. They are talking about people who mod their systems to play "backed up" games. To the rest of you's, i just hope i hear the same kind of stupid sh!t from you's "about hating the modders" when its happening to Sony. Cuz you's know this aint about you's hating people who mod their systems to play copied games, but this is just about you little fanboy fanatics getting mad about somebody messing with your beloved MS (or system builder). You people truly are pathetic. Now delete any songs you's got off Kazaa or Limewire (or whatever P2P software) or any pornos.

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Fanboys are gay4478d ago

although MS would profit if the banned consoles were still allowed on live its the the principle of it all , and they have to show developers they there combating piricy, and power of the green your such a fanboy its not even funny you'd sware it was you they were ripping off its MS they have billions so call it karma and before you give your usual defense to anyone that call yous a fanboy, i'm not a ps3 owner so dont go there, i have a modded 360, am still not banned and i couldnt care if i'm ripping ms off they over price games so i refuse to buy them

BIadestarX4477d ago

I dare you to add your gamertag to your profile.

Fanboys are gay4477d ago

i just added it and i double dare you to report me

BIadestarX4477d ago

I will report you to this site for impersonating me in order to try to have me banned from my xbox live account. mmm... Dusty I think you should come up with some validation against people using someone's else gamertag that can be use to damange others.

(I click report on your post.. I want to make sure people see what you are doing).

ErcsYou4477d ago


are you realy trying to report this guy? YOU DID! fuk a snitch

Evil Rant Monkey4477d ago

Get a job and pay for ur gaming, fangay

BIadestarX4477d ago

VGjunkie, you don't know the definition of a snitch? i.e. if someone would to grab you in the street and butt rape you... and the autorities ask me... And I tell.. that would make me a snitch (Notice this only applies to you). Now, when someone impersonate your account and you report them... I would call that revenge.. get your facts straight and while you are at it... mind your own business... your are a Sony Lemming and it's only logical for you to defend your fellow pets.

ErcsYou4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

impersonating your account??? its not like he was posting on n4g with a name similar to yours with the same avatar. he said in so many words he was a modern day pirate. you asked for is xbl handle ( so you could snitch him out to M$ )and he wrote your handle.. hahahah. he got revenge and you got pwned. revenge is something clever, not b!tching out and telling mommy like you just did. getting raped? maybe by your wife,sister, girlfriend,or ugly daughter. a better comparison would be you trying to jack me and i stuck you with a knife, you decide to go the the PD tell them how horrible i am. thats not revenge, thats called being a little b!tch! ( notice how this only applies to you ) besides, mind your own business and stop worrying about trying to be some type of authority" snitch" for M$.

trying to help my fellow pets??????? fuk him too...i dont know him one bit and i thought he was remote control xbot( similar to you, just not flaming) as for me being a almost blind follower for got things twisted. i follow CAVE,SQUARE,SNK,and CAPCOM not hardware.

@kovenator.....know if i decided i really wanted to play Marvel vs capcom 2 for xbox1, that game goes for about $70 US dollars, retail was 49.99. this is a game that should be republished to supply consumer demand, but its not so instead of getting ripped off, you borrow and burn. its not my fault that these large companies cant keep software available long enough to keep hungry gamers happy.

GameJunkieJim4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

Theft is theft is theft.

There is no rationale for stealing software that doesn't make you sound like a fool and a complete tool.

Ignored, both. (But not before I neg both of your bubbles) I come here to read what gamers have to say, not to see ignorant putzes defend theft.

True gamers don't steal. I paid $250 for Panzer Dragoon Saga. It cost $50 new. I bought it because I'm a gamer. Stealing games is something I would never do. I'm better than that, and I hope most of the other people on here are too.

WilliamRLBaker4477d ago

I did too junkie. report away

grifter0244477d ago

I love your thought patterns Junkie. Revenge is getting back at somebody that did something to you that was uncalled for, where did you get this whole revenge is clever? What the he11 does that mean? What a pickle,Plus telling "Mommy" are you serious who's acting like a little kiddie now? Sounds like your talking from experience, you always run to your mommy in these type of situations? Then you act more childish by saying your getting raped by him family, wow better watch out dont want your mommy to find out what your typing. LOL, Plus if you do bring out a knife and stab him and he brings in the PD that isnt being a b1tch that's smart because now your going to jail for assault with a deadly weapon and now your going to jail for a long time. When you get their yoru going to be fresh meat and probably turn into a "B1tch" yourself. Stupid kid's on here grow up.

Plus the people who backup their games you know you shouldnt do why do it in the first place? If your going to use the whole I dont want to scratch my disk , that's what Dskin's are for, your an idiot and deserve to get your console bricked. I'm glad they ban the console and not the gamertag , so they dont just make a new gamertag and do the same cr4p. Good job Msoft.

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tehcellownu4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

I do agree in a way but banning console is probaly goin to hurt them in the end. they should take a difference approach..

sparco4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

I thought that the consoles wern't permanently banned, i thought that whenever a 360 console connects to live, it is somehow checked for any modified hardware, software or firmware. Then if it's found, its disconnected from the live service. Isn't that right?

CyberSentinel4478d ago

If you want to play games at a discount rate, buy used or rent them. Violator's deserve to be bricked. Zero tolerance.

Blind Lemmings, Laugh Now, Cry Later.

kamakazi4477d ago

ah cyber monkey, type now scratch your ass later.

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The story is too old to be commented.