Epic Mickey Coming Exclusively to Wii

Game Informer: "We were trying to save this nugget for when the magazine hits this coming Monday, but it seems the rumor mill has gotten out of control and it is time to put it in its place. Disney Epic Mickey is indeed a Wii Exclusive. If there is another version in the works out there for another system, we certainly aren't aware of it."

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Smacktard4368d ago

Please note that this is a RECONFIRMATION on Game Informer's part. This should put the "Epic Mickey" multiplat rumors to rest. This is new info... not a duplicate.

SpoonyRedMage4368d ago

Well after the whole No More Heroes debacle I'm not surprised that this happened, I also wouldn't be surprised if it was multiplatform.

Dirk Benedict4368d ago

It is coming to the system that Only Does Everything.

Goomba124368d ago

it is not, so your interest is now at 0

Goomba124368d ago

Yea look at the heat now that it is Wii only? Sad for gaming, truly sad when a creative idea doesn't matter because of console preference. What a messed up generation this is.

kesvalk4368d ago

well, you can't really care about the guys here on n4g think, only a handful of you guys realy are inteligent enough to understand what gaming really is...

the rest are the rest...

ReservoirDog3164368d ago (Edited 4368d ago )

It's probably good that it sticks to the Wii. I haven't got new Wii game in awhile. And this one looks good.

Also, Oswald the Rabbit peaking out of the gate up ahead of Mickey for those who can't see him.

edit: this picture

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Saaking4368d ago

Awesome, more games for the Wii. I can't wait to get get NSMB Wii.

CaptainPunch4368d ago

This game sounds very interesting, I hope it's a lot like Kingdom Hearts.

bitboi4368d ago

do you really want another game just like Kingdom Hearts? What's the point of making a new disney game (not by square mind you) that's just like ones that have been out for years? Just because KH has disney characters in it doesn't mean that's the only type of game disney characters can or should be in. Disney has a great staple of characters that can have their own distinct games. And with this Epic Mickey, I'm looking forward to see this take on mickey and charaters. It already sounds like a cool story. And I'm glad it doesn't sund like it'll play anything like kingdom hearts. Believe it or not, alot of people out there don't like the KH series of games.

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The story is too old to be commented.