It's Only a Wii Bit of Violence

Much has been made of how the Wii is a family console with a squeaky clean image. But does its interface method add yet another layer of gray on an already muggy moral stage?

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anthonsh4479d ago

Complaining about the word "nunchuck" being used is like complaining about the word "pizza" being used because it sounds like "pee"

Dr Pepper4479d ago

Complaining about the controller being named "nunchuck" is something Jack Thompson would do. In fact, many of these complaints sound like something he would bring up.

marcellizot4478d ago

Try reading the whole article and you will see that the author actually hates the likes of Jack Thomson and has written the article in the spirit of safe guarding the Wii and the innovation it has the scope to provide in games design.

By prompting the ratings boards to ensure that the content in Wii games is legally covered by a water tight ratings system, hopefully no Wii games can become a target for the likes of Jack Thomson and other witless fools.

Look at what happened to the GTA brand when San Andreas had to be re-rated in America, do you want Wii games to be the next target of car crash bandwagon media paranoia because the author of this article certainly does not.