VGChartz: Weekly Analysis – Wii and PSP sales double

Wii and PSP hardware sales doubled this week on price cuts and PSP Go release as FIFA 10 becomes the fastest selling sports game of all time the weekly chart for the 27th September - 03rd October 09.

Wii sales increased by 108% this week, the strongest increase in America where sales almost tripled from the previous week. With retailers already reporting even stronger sales this week, we expect Wii to increase to 350,000 - 400,000 for the week ending 10th October

PSP sales also increased by over 100% this week. The newly released PSP Go sold around 80,000 units, while the existing PSP 3000 also saw an increase in some regions due to price cuts (Japan) or the release of Gran Turismo PSP. Gran Turismo sold 135,000 units in Japan but less than 100,000 units outside of Japan – a number of users will have taken advantage of getting the game free with a new PSP Go purchase but still it seems that generally mediocre reviews and the portable format have dampened sales somewhat compared to console Gran Turismo titles.

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09tarheel4990d ago

Impressive increase for Wii and PSP, all consoles did well this week.

madmonkey04990d ago

good sales all round, psp and ps3 continue to do well.

bmw694989d ago

PSP Go actually performed better than I was thinking - not bad at all