Want to see some Road Rash HD? Check it out!

Destructoid writes:

"EA Warrington's new Road Rash game is in the works, and some previsualization test footage has been uncovered. This is just rough conceptual stuff at the moment, but even the bare-bones video you see here is looking incredibly promising..."

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GWAVE4365d ago

If legit, that looks stinkin' SWEET!

Seems like some sort of Burnout game taken to the next level.

hay4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

So f*ckin' amazing! Road Rash is one of those games we were missing recently. Bring it on!

I hope it's not cancelled as written in the article.

LiquifiedArt4365d ago

Look at the gameplay. Its ROAD RASH!

I liked RR quite a lot, but don't start the 13yr old hype. We all know how it plays and the building blocks of what makes a RR game. Its like hyping the wii's Punchout. Its just not neccessary.

Can RR be a 60$ game? ehhh. Not so sure about that.

hay4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

I think you need a brain check. It's like not being hyped for new Killer Instinct. Badassness reborn.

If you're not hyped, please, leave the excited in their hype.

PoSTedUP4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

for some times hours at a time, it's still so damn fun.

menoyou4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

LiQui just be quiet man, you have no idea what you're talking about. Road Rash is such a classic and WTF how come this story isn't hot? It's only at 60 degrees and more than half way down the front page. RIDICULOUS. Must be that this generation is full of newbies.

This game was so amazing back in the day and that gameplay footage looks surprisingly damn good. I'm hyped for this. Road Rash HD with online play will be awesome. A new Killer Instinct would be amazing too.

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Ace Killa 084365d ago

dude i was playin road rash 64 last time with my friends, this game looks great i hope it comes out need to taze some people with the tazer and crash them to a car

Death4364d ago

I'm amazed they never made the game better after that. This vid looks promising though. One of my all time favorite franchises. :)


bunbun7774365d ago

the ff7 avatar guy was saying he wanted this-- where is he he should see this-

make it online oh yea!

ZombieAutopsy4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

haha yea i want it and hope it goes through, i havent played a road rash game since RR3D back in the ps1 days.

PoSTedUP4364d ago

man road rash 3D was my favorite, but i dont think this new one (if any) will be any where near as fun as the one for ps1.

I was just playing road rash 3D like 2 weeks ago, I will never stop playing, it's to good. i liked the one for gamegear also (the funny things is, my roadrash gamegear game popped up like a week and a half ago, randomly)

RAM MAGNUMS4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

Oh man!
The only game that comes close to the road rash feeling is Burnout paradise and Motorstorm pacific rift.

I was hoping when Rage comes out 1 day it would have a similiar feeling. it all comes back to thi:

this movie is my burnout pardise:


Karum4365d ago

A new Road Rash game would simply be awesome.

Bring it on EA!

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