USA Today Reviews Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (The World Is Not Enough)

Apparently not, USA Today's Game Hunters tells us why:

"Just as the PlayStation 3 greets a long-awaited price cut, the console now welcomes what might be its best game. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves blends intense third-person combat and exhilarating exploration to create a seemingly unmatched action adventure for the PS3.

"Naughty Dog seems to have hit the jackpot with Nathan Drake's latest adventure. Not only is Uncharted 2 the crown jewel of the PS3's first-party lineup, but it's a clear-cut contender for game of the year."


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Nitrowolf23690d ago

another perfect awesome. i find it weird of rating that aren't out of 10 or 5, just not use to seeing these

Lifendz3690d ago

This might be the highest metacritic game ever. That is unless they have Mario 64 on their site.

OnlyOnN4G3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Super Mario Galaxy sits at 97 as the other highest rated exclusive of this gen. TLoZ:Ocairna of Time is the all time highest rated at 99.

zeeshan3690d ago

Awesome man! GOTY 2009 :)

Montrealien3690d ago

I am about 5 hours in and this is easily the best gaming experience I have had since Infamous this year. This game is amazing.

jmare3690d ago

Go to hell you lucky bastard.

ultimolu3690d ago

*steals Motrealien's copy* >_<

Montrealien3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

I got your ninja message as you logged off and tried that last night miss.

*grabs it back with his stretchy sticky hand*

Oner3690d ago

Eeeew! You got a "sticky hand"...

nycredude3690d ago

Anyone in NYC and want the game early for the weekend, pm me. I know a place that might have it and Brutal Legends tomorrow or Sat.

ThanatosDMC3690d ago Show
Montrealien3690d ago

We got brutal legend today, so some place with retards may break the street date. Don`t PM, I wont :P

UnSelf3690d ago

im in NYC and plz let me get that address. I just bought Demons Souls a day early from J&L in chinatown but idk if they got Uncharted2.

Lemme get that location

Hercules3690d ago

you read my mind. as soon as i read the title it made think of gta4 getting reviews from EVERYWHERE

but out of 4?

N2NOther3690d ago

Grand Theft Auto IV - metacritic -98

If enjoy this game even half as much as GTA IV, I'm going to be extremely happy.

I'm so glad this game is getting these marks from reputable sources. Current MGS 4 stands as the best of the PS3 exclusives, with the original Uncharted right behind it. God, the 13th can't come fast enough.

SoapShoes3690d ago

Ocairna of Time was only high because back then there were so few reviewers. They didn't have tons of blogs or websites putting out reviews

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Bereaver3690d ago

That's a money shot right there.

blackbeld3690d ago

Yep, Thats more like it...... GOTY...... 2009 ............. Cry more BOTS!!!

nix3690d ago

not "one of the best" but "the best".

MetalGearRising3690d ago

I wonder how much Reviewers get paid these days.

Darkeyes3690d ago

Don't know, but I guess M$ keeps them happy with 1000$ gift hampers sent with all Halo discs.... That is why reviewers gladly await for the next Halo... Selling the goodies on ebay rakes in a lot of cash.

-x.Red.x-3690d ago

you must be confused
this is a PS3 game NOT a fake "AAA" 360

this time, the reviews are real.

EpicGamerSwordsman3690d ago

They obviously get paid because its their job you tool. oh yeah they dont get paid by ND or Sony. you're just mad because of Uncharted 2 Actually earned the scores unlike halo 3/ODST Where MS Gave reviewers Gift Bags & a Note that says.. 9.5 plzz

nix3690d ago

what happened? Forza 3 not getting the PUUUURRRRFECT scores?

EpicGamerSwordsman3690d ago

May i present to you a Photo of MetalGearRising in real life

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Clarence Callahan3690d ago

why the hell do they use x out of "4", and not 5 or 10, like nitrowolf said!?
but still: another perfect score for uncharted is great!

jmare3690d ago

It is using a movie rating scale. Movies are rated from 0 to 4 stars.

Christopher3690d ago

When newspapers started doing critic reviews of most things popular (restaurants, movies, music, etc.) they used the 4-star rating. It's kind of the common measurement in newspapers, has been for decades.

Montrealien3690d ago

Well, I could swear I am being as entertained as I would a movie with this game, so for that alone, the movie rating system is very fitting, hehe

downwardspiral3690d ago

just finished playing the online beta since 12 last night. Its 9:20 am now. I haven't slept all night, and now i got work.....weeee

Lou Ferrigno3690d ago

NICE DUDE! congrats.. thats te way of the gamer right thur.

Uncharted 2 w/another perfect score..

btw like the dude above said,its a movie scoring system.. 4stars rating.

Uncharted 2 beta FTMFW!

EpicGamerSwordsman3690d ago

deserves a 4/4, its addictive as hell

sirbigam3690d ago

I here you man I've had so many all nighters I've been trying to stay away, lol all deathmaches.