Top 5 PSP Minis Launch Titles

With the first batch of minis out you're probably wondering which games are worthy of your hard earned moolah. Wonder no more. Here is pspminis.com top 5 PSP minis launch titles.

If you don't have these titles already they highly recommend you pick them up and give them a whirl.

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NexGen5403d ago

Top 5! (Of the 7 available at launch). Seems kinda pointless to rank them, but worth reviewing them.

ThanatosDMC5403d ago

They should make a game like Advance Wars.

MasterChief36245403d ago

There's a game called Mecho Wars on the iPhone/iPod Touch that really is just like Advance Wars, just with a more futuristic enemy feel. If they continue to port over iDevice applications to the PSP Minis service, I'm sure Mecho Wars would be the closest thing to Advance Wars as you can get :D

RAM MAGNUMS5403d ago

what they really need is more free games or at least make trial versions.

FamilyGuy5403d ago

These things need demos or at least video sample of what the games look like in action and they really need price cuts, they should have started at half to 2/3rds of their current cost.

Also, wtfs up with charging $10 for UNO?

Neo Nugget5403d ago

I know! Isn't it only 5 bucks on the xbox?


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Fieldrunners was an awesome game, but what about a version of Red Dead Redemption for iOS? am i the only one who thinks that awesome? :I


btw, anyone going to E3 next year? i wonder what they will be showing off :P