Gizmodo: Insanity: Xbox 360 'Repaired' 3 Times, Returns Each Time With Red Ring

Mark Wilson writes: Andy Phifer, like many of us, faced a glowing red ring on his nonfunctional Xbox 360. Facing an RRoD warranty technicality, he sent Microsoft $100 to make necessary repairs. Things didn't go so well. Here's his story: UPDATE

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Darkeyes4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

Fell sorry for this guy.... He also paid 100$ LMFAO

Nathan1234861d ago

Lol at first 2 posts... Sh!t does happen when the thing craps out..

FrankDrebin4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

even though it has RROD 5 times. That's right, Frank is on his 6th system since he purchased the system on launch day. Luckily MS has been great about everything, resetting my warranty each time for an additional 3 years. I hate when it dies but I haven't had to worry yet.

Also luckily, my PS3 has never given me any trouble. When I first got it (launch day) I did have a problem with it not reading discs, I had to rebuild the database and the problem was solved. No biggie.

By the way, who here is excited about Uncharted 2? Woot!

Thugbot1874861d ago

Seriously common sense isn't common.

1.) Thought everyone by now knew about the RROD and that it was most common in the older 360s; 360 has an over heating issue so it should be well vented, meaning don't block the back, don't place it on shelf where it doesn't have a lot of room to breath. If you don't like the high maintenance pick up a Wii, or PS3. Kind of stupid to keep hearing these new articles.

2.) Refurbished products generally break down over and over again. So why go down that road?

3.) On any electronic device that's over 100 bucks I get the extended warranty; and why wouldn't you because you get the full price of the device from the day you purchased it as a store credit despite any price drops. Last Gen I had to get both my PS2 and XBox replaced about 5x each due to faulty DVD drives. This Gen my 360 died I picked up an Elite for an extra 50 bucks and haven't had any problems since.

Bathyj4861d ago

Sh*t doesnt just happen, arseh*les cause it.

Mo0eY4861d ago

Sh!t happens when you put sh!tty hardware inside a box and do not have a QA team test it out before mass shipping to millions of people, but the sheeple do not care as long as they get a new one.

ReservoirDog3164861d ago

Jeez, that sucks. Even if they're taking care of him now.

chaosatom4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

If people stop buying 360 when RROD happens and their guarantee expires then MS would be in big trouble.

But it doesn't. People just don't learn or are too addicted to their gamer tag.

Apone4861d ago

My 360 doesn't get the chance to RROD, because it's never on. lol

JokesOnYou4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

and the headline is innacurate because he himself says the console was fine, it was his power unit that was broken but the tech's never asked him about he kept sending it back and never checked it. Aaah well, we know 360 has had by far more hardware failures in the past but a story about 1 single guy with a problem doesn't seem like big news to me, hell you could easily find horror stories about ps3 ylod, its definitely a growing problem

-you could pick 1 case of many reported here: 82208&page=30
-or here:
-or here:
-or here:
-or among plenty others with a quick google search
-theres petitions:
-theres BBC watchdog report:
-theres plenty of repairs/fix it guides, this on playstationlifestyle:
-theres even a good old lawyer to help if you need it:

-Go ahead google for yourself theres tons of ps3 gamers with very similiar ylod/bluray complaints and stories. I hope you guys who say 360 isn't worth it because of RROD, don't have double standards when it comes to your ps3, lol who am I kiddin', you guys owned ps2's.

lol, damm I'm just trying to get my money's worth out of this one bubble, good night folks.


SnuggleBandit4861d ago


tons of ps3 failures=/= millions of gamers who got rrod or disc read errors and crap with the 360 dude

ya keep trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill ignoramous

Bathyj4860d ago

Gee JOY, defensive much?

If you read the article, which I'm sure you did, you must have noticed...

"but this isn't so much a story about an Xbox being broken as it is a story about Xbox support failing to repair and identify the problem after a few months and three repairs."

I dont see anything wrong with that.

And that point aside, you're right, I dont want to hear about every individual user that has a RRoD, but I do want to be informed if RRoD is still an ongoing, serious problem. Xbox followers want us all to stop talking about it, but we should only do that when it stops happening.

Dont get me wrong, I believe it has gotten better, alot better. But I still dont believe its at an acceptable level yet, so thats why I want to keep knowing.

mastiffchild4860d ago

JOY-you belittle your own argument by comparing the YLOD to RROD. Just not in the same league and you know it. I could pull a thousand tales of failed Wiis from the depths of the net if I liked but it would still not say a thing about the massive scale of RROD would it?

Fact is this shows that there are loopholes for MS in the beloved warranty(which have stung me before I may add)and that the service even after a failure isn't always great and as that's something a lot of 360 owners will go through surely it's newsworthy. When MS sort it out to an acceptable level for their industry(which is where you'll find the fail rates for Wii and PS3-and also why they don't belong in this discussion)then everyone will shyt up but until then MS are just peeing in the wind over this and the warranty only exists to stop more lawsuits and the terrifying(for MS)spectre of a mass rescall in any case.

Or are we really to think they care about us? After knowingly, imo, launching a console with way too little QA? I don't think so and the fact they can't put a lid on it even now is one of the worlds biggest puzzles to me.

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Anon19744861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

My 3rd Xbox came back, and everything seemed ok until games stopped playing a couple of weeks after MS shipped me my refurbed console. I checked it out and the replacement 360 had been gouging games for the past two weeks. When I called to get this one replaced they wouldn't take it back! They said refurbed units were only covered for RROD and disk scratching was only covered under my console's 1 year warranty from purchase. Thankfully, I had an extended warranty which I helpfully pointed out to the rep on the phone and they took my 3rd unit back.

So far so good with my 4th 360. Mind you, I've only played Gears 2 and Fable 2 in the past year or so, finished them and then haven't really played on it since. I just hope this 4th console lasts long enough to play Alan Wake and Halo Reach! If the 4th one goes, I'm just scrapping it and selling off my accessories.

Edit: A disagree for sharing my story? Well, ok then. My guess is you better warm up that disagree button. I'm sure I'm not the only one with stories like this. If you don't even think 360 owners should be allowed to talk about their experiences unless they're positive, perhaps you would be better off reading rather than a site for gamers.

Thugbot1874861d ago

Why didn't you pick up an extended warranty?

chaosatom4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

It's better to buy a new 360 rather than a extended warranty.....

Because Once a RROD is always a RROD /XD

Or a new PS3 Slim :)

Bathyj4861d ago

Thugbot, EBGames stopped doing extended warrantties in Australia because the had $10m worth of broken stock M$ didnt want back.

I almost wasnt allowed to get one for my PS3 cos I'd returned my XBox twice.

rroded4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

for the win lol

ya im on my 3rd box n i only play the odd exclusive on it
like odst (great rental for a weekends worth of game)
but when it goes im done with it no way are they getting any more of my cash.
PS3 is jus so much more reliable n has the better games now so f em f rrod n f the north america media for not callin em on it and hating on sony.

Noctis Aftermath4860d ago

I got a 2 year extended warranty on my ps3 slim for like $70 from harvey norman, if it ever bricks hopefully i won't have to go through the problems this guy has had with technical support.

Anon19744860d ago (Edited 4860d ago )

And at the beginning, Microsoft said there was no problem. Why would I tack on an extra $100 when I'm already dropping $600 on the Xbox, controllers, cables, etc? But I did mention above, I bought an extended warranty for my 360 - just after the fact from Microsoft when my second console RROD'd on me. That's why I got my disk scratching unit repaired, under my extended warranty. Otherwise, MS wanted $170 to repair it.

KingME4860d ago

Wow, is it that time of the month already. I could have swore we already did our RROD story for the month. /sarcasm

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Relientk774861d ago

That sux, poor Andy Phifer :-/

Andy I got some advice for u

do yourself a favor and buy a PS3 and Uncharted 2, and ur set


ThatCanadianGuy4861d ago

Misery and lack of confidence.

such is the life of a 360 owner.

SnuggleBandit4861d ago

you forgot be ignorant and totally unaccepting of facts and logical points other people make

Mo0eY4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

You also forgot willingless to be suckered into buying a $60 DLC package

or blindly paying $50 a year for no dedicated servers, twitter, facebook, and lost Halo War Stats

or loyal to a company that asks $100 for a proprietary HDD and $100 for a wifi connector

or ignorant to the unacceptable console failures that have occured the past four years.

But that's bots for you.

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