NFL Comes to PlayStation Home + Dethklok, PixelJunk Museum and MotorStorm Personal Space

Playstation Blog writes, "Hold on to your seats, Home-people, because I have some news that is going to blow you away. To start, EA SPORTS has brought the NFL into PlayStation Home. That's right – you'll now be able to represent your favorite franchises (Go Steelers!) by sporting your favorite team's jersey while in-world. These jerseys are now available in the EA Sports Complex (and the Home Mall) and cover every team in the entire league (32 jerseys total). With v1.3 now live on your PlayStation 3s and sporting universal game launching functionality, PlayStation Home has truly become the destination for all of you football fans. Log in, toss on your favorite jersey to let your fellow man knows what's up, launch into online co-op games of Madden NFL 10, and then return to Home to do it again and again. Never before has finding a friend to sack the 'back with been easier. Bring the wood!"

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Ron_Burgundy4277d ago

sweet! I hope you all support Team Burgundy and the KVWN Channel 4 News Team by buying one of our exclusive jerseys

Sk8boyP4277d ago

Not to get off topic, but every time you comment I'm reminded to get Anchorman on Blu-ray, and I recently found out that it isn't available on Blu-ray. WHAT'S UP WIT' DAT!?!?!?!