PSXE: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

PSXE: "It's been a huge year for the PlayStation 3. Not only was there a price-drop, but there was also the all new PS3 Slim redesign. Most importantly, though, it's been the games for the PS3 that have swayed opinions left and right. It started off with Killzone 2 early in the year, then continued with inFamous, and of course an all new Ratchet game is set to launch shortly, as well. But it's been one PS3 game in particular that everybody's been talking about, as it has displayed simply the most jaw-dropping game design on any console ever seen. Of course I'm talking about Uncharted 2. With Gran Turismo 5 pushed back to early 2010, Uncharted 2 stands as the front-runner for 2009's game of the year. And it's simple to explain why..."

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Serjikal_Strike4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

Why not a 10?

Edit-knocked off .2 points cuz he got lost in a level and couldn't figure out where to go next...and it froze once on him!

nit picking the game big time!

Major_Tom4234d ago

because no game is perfect.

Serjikal_Strike4234d ago

But its gotten perfect scores from other sites...and a 9.8 might as well be a 10 IMO!

OGharryjoysticks4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

I've taken a different approach to following reviews this time around.

I use whatever multiple repeats of the same statement I have been finding and consider that what it really is.

This in my mind is the true metacritic average.

And going off that so far I know that from multiple sources...

This game has the greatest graphics ever. (yes, I have read this from multiple reviews from different sites - and those sites review PC games too)

This game has the greatest single player story adventure ever.

This game has the greatest production values.

There were more "greatest" comments I recall, but these were enough ammo for me to use in the future if any disputes arose. I know there will be better games in the future because that's how technology, and gameplay evolve, but for this year and this time up until now I have read enough "greatest" remarks in reviews to say that this is the greatest game.

But I haven't played it yet and this is just what I keep hearing so if you want to fanboy it and say there's no way this is the greatest game, then go ahead, but since you haven't played it and are only one comment in my new way of metacritic usage it's not going to change the outcome.

starchild4234d ago

Here we go again with the PS3 fanboys complaining because a PS3 game didn't get a perfect 10. FFS the game got a 9.8 and some of you still want to complain?

Serjikal_Strike4234d ago

im not complaining ...but to give it a 9.8 and not a 10 is dumb...

Immortal Kaim4234d ago

Please explain how it is dumb that he gave it 9.8 and not 10? It was his opinion.

Unicron4234d ago

Please explain the differences between a 9.8 and a 10?

Please explain why we have a 10 point scale if 10 will never be used?

A perfect score does not denote a perfect game. I don't think any site ever claimed as such.

And Immortal, I'm not disagreeing with you at all. I just find scores so silly still, as you know.

Sarcasm4234d ago

9.8 is an amazing score. But come on, a 10 wouldn't have hurt. We won't be seeing a 10 worthy game for awhile. Oh no wait, yeah we will. MW2, GoWIII, Last Guardian.

Mr Logic4234d ago

10 doesn't mean a game is perfect. It just means it does things better than other games.

Immortal Kaim4234d ago

Yes mate, and you know I'm with you 100% in regards to the need and validity of a scoring system.

I never said 10/10 denotes a 'perfect' game, and would never claim that. I personally think most 'gamers' are just too wrapped up in this arbitrary scoring system, in this current 'mine is better than yours' climate, we will unfortunately never change that.

btw, when Uncharted 2 comes out, hit me up with a pm so we can have a match :)

SupaPlaya4234d ago

it's to cue the "it's a PS site of course it'll give it a 10 so it doesn't count".

Some people don't like to hand out perfect scores though. Each site has their own definition of perfect. TBH, after all the 10s from other sites I don't think people who are interested in this game needs anymore convincing.

Most people probably just want this game to dethrone GTAIV on meta, as I've heard a lot about it being overrated. Can't comment on it as that's not my type of game.

Deputydon4234d ago

How the hell can you compare MW2 and GoW and give them the same score? I honestly haven't seen anything from MW2 that deserves a 10/10 (I could say the same for GoW3). But in my opinion MW1 didn't have a fantastic story, just a few great moments. Do you really think MW2 will be much different? No. And the multiplayer might be good, but single player will not be 10 worthy at all.

I'd rate MW1 single player a 7/10 myself. If a game has both, both should be great. Otherwise, what's the point?

SuperM4234d ago

What a moron you are. The sites that gave UC2 a 10/10 operates with whole or half numbers meaning 8/10, 9/10 , 10/10 or 8.5/10, 9/10 etc.

If the sites was measuring by an acuracy of 0.1 points then it most likely wouldnt get a 10/10 out of those sites simply because there can always be a better game and you want to save a better score for that one.

No its not stupid to give it a 9.8 instead of 10/10. You are stupid to believe it should be that way, and you are even more stupid to complain about a score that high

King_many_layers4234d ago

look guys can we all just calm down about this whole slightly less than 10 situation.

If you all really want to dispute this whole slightly less than 10 situation you really need to go through and look at that specific website or magazines history with its review scores. Then you need to actually read the review and see whether their words match their score that they have provided, sure it might seem slightly pointless to remove 0.2 from a complete score but it might be justified by both of the above factors.

No game is perfect and I understand that most of us all agree that the 10/10 doesn't represent perfection as apposed to quality represented within this product. They might have never handed out a 10, they might actually treat that all illustrious 10 as a perfect game.

so lets all calm down, play the multiplayer demo and have a bloody good time.

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Nitrowolf24234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

Great review but why did they deduct a point for replay value? 9.9?
i mean i don't want to complain about it, but they only said that this game will make you want to play it over and over and over again. That all. btw how many perfects does this game have? like 30?

@below: how many non metacritics?

Chaos Striker4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

Nearly half of that, 17 total (based on Metacritics). But honestly, the numerical value is not what is important. I rather care more about the written material rather than what kind of arbitrary number someone assigns to it.

**Not sure, I've seen 6~ or so non Metacritics of 100%. If you were referring to every single review that was posted regardless of inclusion in Metacritics, then yes it is very well close to 30. Sorry, I'm using a different benchmark :\

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Szarky4234d ago

I'm surprised they didn't release this game before the long weekend in North America. Some kind of strategy to release it after? I can't wait any longer!!!

James Bond4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

GOTY 2009-2012

Liquid Dust4234d ago

Game of the years? Yes, yes I think so too!

danthegardner4234d ago

Until Uncharted 3 comes in 2011

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