New Details on Fracture; Co-op Confirmed

In the latest interview with, Lucas Arts Producer David Perkinson reveals many new details on upcoming next gen title Fracture.

Features from the interview include:

- In-depth discussion on the storyline
- Further details on "ground deformation" and how the player can utilize it
- Weapons and Grenades
- Details on "Genetic Enhancements"
- Online and Co-Op confirmed
- Xbox 360 and PS3 versions built to take advantage of strengths...
- and more.....

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Kratosnake4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Fracture never caught my attention in particular, but I hope its another kickass title on the PS3. Co-op is a great addition

JasonPC360PS3Wii4476d ago

I'm a FPS/TPS fanatic so I will buy anything (even crapy ones, yes I know its a sickness) But… I’m always looking for devs to spice up the gameplay of my shooters, so this is a welcome change of pace indeed. Part shooter, part platformer, part action, part puzzler , part strategic and all Lucas Arts.

lil bush4476d ago

this game looks so sick.........

drtysouf214476d ago

will be between PS3 and 360 so i can decide which one to get it for.