MIG: 5 Things The PS3 Badly Needs

MyInsideGamer writes:

"I love my PS3, I really do. On the contrary, I could name a million things that the PS3 needs. I'd probably be here all day, so lets confine the number to five, shall we? Here is my list of five things the PS3 badly needs:"

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vflhp4395d ago

Anyone agree with this list?

Pennywise4395d ago

I agree with the friends list, in-game music, & wallet transfers would be cool...

But the browser is okay. It needs slight improvements, but I use it all the time, with the controller and I do just fine.

What the PS3 REALLY needs.... Private, crossgame chat. /end.

BulletToothtony4395d ago

it's for the media to stop with the fud trying to milk hits for their sites, and enjoy the games..

vflhp4395d ago

Games are good - the browser isn't Thats why I made this list!!

rucky4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

Well, PS3 has the games and now the sales so they have to bash it for something else right?

Myst4395d ago

"the terms and regulations of the playstation network that you agree to, clearly states that you are not allowed to refund or transfer any funds from your account to any other. "

I'd have to read through it again myself to see if that's correct, though as for now I humbly ask those to take this with a grain of salt for now seeing as it is wikianswers. Though the answer in my opinion seems to hold merit.

hay4395d ago

What PS3 need most is your love!

kornbeaner4395d ago

But what are you comparing the browser to? The 360 doesn't have one, the wii doesn't have one. the PS3 browser is the same browser used on most SE cellphones, just modified for the PS3. Anything else would most likely take up to much system resources. the list is Meh...and the inability to change PSN ID's is like a troll stopper. Can you imagine if people who were genuinely a$$holes online were able to keep swapping ID's. That would blow, this way when you want to stay from [insert ID here] you can stay away. Or the other option is pay $10 like MS makes you do on live.

Wolverick4395d ago

1. Private or Party Chat
2. One button access to messages/trophies if you press the PS button while a msg/trophy notification is displayed.
3. Ability to remove games w/ 0% from trophy list
4. Trophy information added to new grey box around friends list
5. Twisted Metal announcement :)

edgeofblade4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

Wow. Lousy list.

Of all the things that Sony could do to improve, these are the 5 you choose? What about demos for EVERY downloadable game? What about cross-game chat? What about re-downloading video content without begging CS?

Agreed with below: What about backwards compatibility?

Sarcasm4395d ago

Funny because I don't care about any cross-game voice chat, lobby system, etc. etc. while I'm playing my Demon's Souls.

But that's just me.

phosphor1124395d ago

Browser is slow as hell, and my music on any game would be beast.

Silellak4395d ago

Just to correct you, the Wii does, in fact, have a browser. Also, as of last month, it is now a free download (it was previously $5).

Christopher4395d ago

Nope, disagree with all on the list as being badly needed. Desired by some? Sure.

Unlimited Friends List - not going to happen anytime soon, PS3 or Xbox 360.

Wallet Transfer - not going to happen since your little brother could transfer money from your account to his and they won't do anything about it since there's no way to track the legitimacy of it all.

Better Web browser - Few enough use it already to really make this necessary.

In-game Music - It's in, but up to the developers. So, technically, you're asking for Sony to enforce it, which isn't going to happen since Sony isn't about telling developers how to make their games.

Ability to change PSN ID - Definitely not! IDs are a way of recognizing people for both good and bad reasons. I don't want someone I've recognized in the past as being an arse and vocally abusive to have the ability to change his ID so it's harder for me to recognize who it is from the get-go.

Strikepackage Bravo4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

baffled by the fact that PS3 does not have these things! WTF is up with Sony, how can they be so out of touch, I thought PS3 got in game music a long time ago, these are the kinds of small details that make the 360 experience a little bit better than PS3 if you ask me. It seems the Japanese are a bit out of touch with what is important to western gamers, and instead choose to focus on priorities for Japanese gamers, this is one of the things I like about the fact that 360 was designed in the USA. FYI the actual 360 case design, the look of it was designed in Japan ironically; so if you think its ugly you can blame that on the Japanese as well.

n4f4395d ago

the wii can transfer money and game to another wii as a gift so why wouldnt the ps3 does it?
dont tell me its because they cant see if the money is fake or not they both use the same system of paying for points(credits card, wii/psn point card)

Eddie201014395d ago

For someone who could come up million things that PS3 needs he seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for the five he came up with, Kinda nit picking.

Anon19744395d ago

Unlimited friends list? Just choose your friends better. Stop accepting invites from every single person you meet on the PSN. Simple as that.

In game music? It's there, but it's up to the developers. After all the effort that goes into game soundtracks, I'll be damned if I sanctioned somebody overriding my soundtrack and playing their Hannah Montanna songs instead. Would you inject your own music while watching the Godfather? Of course not. This should be up to the developers.

PSN wallet transfer - Don't put on what you don't need. Be responsible. Can you get a refund on Microsoft points? No.

PSN ID change - forget it. I want to make sure that if I block you because you're an idiot, you can't just change your name and voila! You're irritating me again. You can understand why Sony doesn't make this easy.

Finally, the Web browser. I've got no problem with it.

Anyone have some real issues with the PS3? Like slow trophy sync? That drives me nuts. That's the only thing that bugs me. Even cross game chat I don't see a need for. Why would I need to chat with someone while I'm playing a different game? That's just rude, in my opinion. If someone wants to chat they can send me an invite and if I want to chat I'll drop out and you can be the focus of my attention while we chat.

frostypants4395d ago

"Here is my list of five things the PS3 badly needs"

Here is me ignoring another "article" by some scrub on his parents' internet connection. Really, N4G?

ThanatosDMC4395d ago

What i really want is the ability to give "gifts" to people on my friends list. Think Steam and the ability to buy games for your stupid friends.

Bloodraid4395d ago

Well; about name swapping. It wouldn't really be too big of a deal.

Your account [Which is your E-Mail] could be blocked. The name [In my case 'Bloodraid'] would just be used as a display name, and not the actual PSN account. If you get my meaning.

ReservoirDog3164395d ago

The PSN Wallet Transfer is a good idea. Not many people would use it but to those who do, it'd be useful.

FACTUAL evidence4395d ago

Let me rephrase what you're saying.

"I want me ps3 to be more like a 360."

Personally I think everything is fine...we just need another way to communicate with voices...just give voice messaging like any OTHER piece of technology nowadays...from there on I'm golden.

likedamaster4394d ago

I can make this list a lot longer. And Darkride, you don't have an Xbox 360. It's obvious.

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Nickstr094395d ago

Great article i truly agree with whats said.

vflhp4395d ago

Thanks for the comment!

54percent4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )


Mc1874394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

All of these would be nice features to have but shouldn't take priority over the more wanted features like cross game chat.
The browser for me is not slow at all .
How fast is your internet connection?
What kills me on the browser is it's lack of dedicated space for caching and it deals very poorly with pop-ups.
But not a bad list man.

Lavalamp4395d ago

Are you kidding me? What the PS3 needs is backwards compatibility across every console. Whether it is through hardware or software, it needs to happen.

simplyRealistic184395d ago

not really they don't need it, but it will be nice to have it, this list is stupid,

1. unlimited friend list: the xbox don't even have unlimited friend list so why they badly need this feature

2. psn wallet transfer: once again not a badly needed feature but a nice one to have

3.Better web browser: this one is understandable, i wished they had the webkit browser for consoles

4.In-game music: not badly needed , seriously, there games that support it and how often do you use, exactly

5.Ability to change psn id: its a need feature but not that badly need

Once again this is just a article that have nothing else to talk about so they talk about a console and have stupid reason for it, BADLY NEEDED would mean that it's a different between buying the console and not

JackBNimble4395d ago

Why are you still buying ps2 games? BC is nice , afterall I have it but I still don't play ps2 games on it.

The only thing on this list that I would really want is the in game music.

Raz4394d ago

I can't for the life of me understand why I have a utility that allows me to make PS2 and PS1 virtual memory cards...and no backwards compatibility.

vflhp4395d ago

I was hoping this bandwagon of comments wouldn't happen . . .