StarCraft II -- Not For Consoles

Thanks for spoiling everything, StarCraft Ghost... This game is exclusive to PC and Mac.

With games like Command & Conquer 3 and Tom Clancy's EndWar finally bringing the Realtime Strategy (RTS) genre to consoles with due success, there was some hope when rumors started flying about a sequel to StarCraft that the game might follow the trend and come to consoles along with a PC version. Sadly (for console-only gamers, at least), Blizzard has officially dashed those hopes for the time being.

On Blizzard's official StarCraft II Website FAQ, the company addressed the question directly with the following Q&A exchange:

"Will there be a console version of StarCraft II?

StarCraft II is being developed for the PC. We have no current plans to bring the game to any console platform."

Sorry 360, sorry Wii, sorry PS3. And sorry to you too, Nintendo DS -- your system may be kicking the ass of every other man-made game system known to this planet, but StarCraft II is currently only scheduled for the platform it was born to play on. (But take heart, handheld fans -- those rumors of a Blizzard project on PSP or DS are still swimming around out there...)

Blizzard's StarCraft II will be released on PC and Mac (yes, we said Mac - Apple gets a peach!), so make sure your graphics card is nice and primed for this one since it won't be on its way to your TV machine any day soon, if ever.

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kewlkat0074172d ago

If it's on a PC, then XBOX is never far behind.
I used to play STARCRAFT up will my last year in college on my schools network, the game is still fun, and it's another game where the graphics haven't mattered much, just a fun game period.

mcintosh2334172d ago

c&c 3 has proved it can be done well.
all we need now is a game where tactics are needed and not a well practiced routine for online play

bring on total annihilation live arcade

BIadestarX4172d ago

Let's hope microsoft gets interested on this title and throw a bag of money to Blizzard. This game would do very well on the xbox 360.

marison4172d ago

Starcraft players have measured their performance by number of commands and/or tasks per second!

I will love they bring this games to consoles, but will be a total genocide (zergocide and protossocide too ;-) if they permit a PC x console war multiplayer.

Silvia0074172d ago

C&C3 is real proof of this. First and most importantly... unit caps. Why? I don't know, maybe there isn't enough memory on the 360 to have more then 50 units. 10 aircraft, 20 infantry, 20 vheicles, and you are at your max? What is this? If you are going up against 3 well fortified bases, you're done. The units are not as responsive and seems to be extremely retarded. Try to change their direction when they are moving... not cool. The PC version is by far... more playable then the console version, I can have 40-50 groups of infantry on a ground no problem. Sorry but RTS has never worked well and will probably never work well on consoles.

BIadestarX4172d ago

Fanboy Alert! Fanboy Alert!
You obviously never played C&C3 for the 360. 50 Units!?
"unit caps. Why?" Didnt you know that probably the best RTS of all time (StarCraft) had it for the PC?
Forget talking.. I don't want to turn like you when it comes to blowing smoke... let talk facts:

C&C3 TOP 2 American Chart for Week Ending 13th May 2007.

Your turn. Give me facts.

"Sorry but RTS has never worked well and will probably never work well on consoles" Says who you? Obviously many people (who purchase this game... including me) believe you are just a hater...

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