Horror Racing iPhone Review | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "Horror Racing is an isometric-view car combat racer – if you've played Rock 'n Roll Racing back on the SNES or Genesis, then this may be familiar to you. You race around the maps, as one is wont to do in a racing game, but you also have weapons. Sweet, sweet armaments. You pick them up as your race around, to try and impede the progress of your opponents by blowing them to kingdom come."

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bgrundman3350d ago

Looks like it could be a top-down, twisted metal clone.

roblef3350d ago

I really liked Twisted Metal on the PSP

bgrundman3350d ago

Yay for at least taking an attempt at something slightly different on the iPhone. Bravo.

roblef3350d ago

I know, finally! Have all the genre's been exhausted now?