Xbox Avatar retro-arcade survey "not indicative of any planning"

VG247: Microsoft has gotten back with us regarding the survey it sent out for a Xbox Live specific Arcade space complete with Avatar interaction.

According to a MS spokesperson, a survey is sometimes just that – a survey.

"We regularly conduct surveys about our products but they're not indicative of any planning," said the rep to VG247.

The XBL Team refused to comment on the matter.

Sounding similar to PS3's Home arcade space, the survey asked about names for the service, and which one would compel them to purchase the product.

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PandemicPrawn04403d ago

I don't think doing something like this could hurt.

I mean Avatars have to be used for something right?

And a lot of hardcore gamers still love to play the old retro coin-ups.

So whats the problem with it?