New Game Releases for the Week of May 22

Here's this week's list according to Static Multimedia.

It includes Mass Effect, which is definitely an error; that game does not have a release date and is not expected until September. Any other mistakes?

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Kratosnake4222d ago

I don't know what happend to my comment, but here it goes again:

Wasn't Rainbow six supposed to come out on June 12th? What happend?

sumfood4u4222d ago

I'm off the Top~pick but oh well!

snoop_dizzle4222d ago

mass effect would come out soon. :(

DarkJedi4222d ago

"It includes Mass Effect, which is definitely an error;"

That link mentions a demo, not full game.
Surely that's a possibility?
Got my fingers crossed anyway :)

cdawson4222d ago

It says Demo on XBL not the game... read it before posting.

FlamingAxe4222d ago

Yeah, even the playstaion website says it comes out june 12

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