Gamespot: Uncharted 2 Review

There isn't much time to relax when you live the life of a treasure hunter. The ever-imperiled Nathan Drake is at it again, traveling the globe, searching for a lost artifact, and trying not to get shot, all for the sake of his noble (saving humanity) and selfish (impressing a lady) ambitions. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves doesn't veer far from the great formula established by Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, but a few tweaks and a strong focus on details make this a better game in every way. Your journey once again becomes an incredible adventure, constantly thrusting new obstacles in front of you that not only offer variety, but are also an absolute blast to overcome. The stunning visuals bring these exotic locales to life, giving you a scenic tour of a tropical jungle, crumbling ice cave, and dilapidated city, among others, while making every new place feel unique and welcoming. The gameplay isn't perfect--the cover mechanic is too sticky in tight places and there's some inconsistency when it comes to climbing obstacles--but these small problems are largely inconsequential. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is an awesome game that continually surprises, impresses, and entertains.

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Tinted Eyes4235d ago

Yup pretty much, GOTY 2009.

DasBunker4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

good score coming from gamespot


Sk8boyP4235d ago

Just give it a 10. 9.5 round up 10

G3TDOWN4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

That was a good review

Good I didn't watch the video, sounds like something big was spoiled lol

gaffyh4235d ago


* Exciting, brilliantly-paced adventure
* Excellent, varied combat
* Thrilling acrobatics and exploration
* Fun and intense co-op
* Joyous multiplayer complete with a perks system.


* Clumsy cover system in tight spaces
* Platforming sections limit exactly what you can climb on.

So basically what's good is the game, and what's bad is that the player playing the game sucks. I know infamous and Assassin's creed did the platforming really well, but you can't expect EVERY game to have the same features.

SupaPlaya4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

You're next.

Good score from Gamespot. Playing it safe like IGN IMO.

Lifendz4235d ago

I'm actually trying to find a spot in BK that'll sell it earlier so I can enjoy the game over the upcomming four day weekend. Kudos to Bungie. PS3 owners stand up. It's a great game. Don't rent it if you can afford it. Go get it.

jwatt4235d ago

Um why the F&*% did they just show that? Seriously, big spoilers in the video!

joydestroy4235d ago

yeah, where is Edge's review??? man they are late to the part!

Montrealien4235d ago

Playing this gem tonight! woot!

jmare4235d ago

No they're not. They will just be like, "All those other guys rushed to gush superlatives about this game while we took our time to find out if the game really is that good. 7/10"


They aren't playing it safe.

It was a 12.5/10 but they had to cut it 3 points for:

#1 being a PS3 exclusive
#2 coming from Sony first party studio
#3 having too much variety


Actually, I don't give a [email protected] about scores, much more interested in what people have to say about the game.

RememberThe3574235d ago

There is so much jealously in my eyes right now...

Lifendz4235d ago

Man I'm so glad I didn't watch the review. I didn't even read it for fear of spoilers. At this point I think we all know the game is great. Why risk the spoiler of a review? In fact, after the game ships I think you're going to have to avoid most podcasts because they'll probably spoil a few things.

SHAGGY624235d ago

this game deserves to sell 12 million the multiplayer is addictive the story looks amazing the graphics are off the hook co-op is great. can't wait to pick this game up. might buy my brother a copy too

kws10654235d ago

at trying very hard not to give perfect score lol.

chaosatom4235d ago

I was expecting a 9.6, but w/e.

what will they give R&C this time? lol

FamilyGuy4235d ago

Actually that cover system con is true. I wouldn't drop much, actually i wouldn't drop anything from the score for it but it is very much true that when you're in a closed/cramped space you have to be careful when trying to cover or you'll end up with your back up against the wrong wall or crouched beside/behind the wrong short wall.
It's BS to list that as a "con" since the only way to avaoid it would be to have no closed in areas

I'm pretty good, lvl 43 in the beta (I started late too) at the moment.

Where I've experience this the most (in the beta) is in the village, in that long room, on the side of the middle of the map. Where it has an opening and the gattling gun is sitting. It's pretty easy to cover in the wrong spot while you're there but it is definitely a matter of patients/skill and the game shouldn't be knocked for someones lack of such things.

Sarcasm4234d ago

It's confirmed, at MINIMAL even if someone WANTS TO HATE IT, it deserves no less than a 9.

That 8/10 from Gamereactor is looking more ridiculous every day.

SaberEdge4234d ago

Yep, the game is guaranteed gold. I felt the first game didn't quite get the recognition it deserved, so it's nice to see Uncharted 2 getting such universal praise.

itisa4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

They gave Metal Gear Solid 4 a 10 but Uncharted 2 a 9.5.

It wasn't a big deal,until I realized that Metal Gear Solid 4 only got 10 Game Emblems while Uncharted 2 got 12 Game Emblems.

UC2 Cons doesn't seem like a good reason for 0.5 deduction either.

On the other hand,Halo 3 got 9.5 with 8 Game Emblems and Halo ODST a 9.0 with 7 Game Emblems,and Gears of War 2 a 9.0 with only 6 Game Emblems.

I guess Game Emblem is not related to the review but then when a game get like around 12 G.B which I think is the highest in Gamespot, shouldn't it cover those minimal cons?

Face Palm4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

Now we just have to wait for EDGE to finish thinking of a way to bring down U2's metascore below 90.

ABizzel14234d ago

U2 may win graphics of the year, but don't forget Killzone 2. I think U2 should get graphics of the year, and Killzone should win for best graphics or technology.


LOL 10 disagrees... When I say I don't care for scores in a thread about low metascore for InFAMOUS or Killzone 2 I got agrees, when I'm dissing scores in a thread about this crap site giving an obvious great game a great score I got disagrees, thats why fanboys suck.

sirbigam4234d ago

After GTAIV 4 they're opinion dosn't matter.

Pika-pie4234d ago

Meta score its at 97.. The 360 doesnt have any exclusives above 94.

Where are all the 360 metacritic fanboys who used to slam the PS3 for not having any great exclusives.. Come on.. where are you.. they know who they are hehe.

TheMart is my favorite meta 360 fanboy. Hes been quiet lately.

ReBurn4234d ago

Why do people like you have to go and take a perfectly good thread about Uncharted 2 and try to spark a stupid fanboy war? You need to take that stupid crap to the Open Zone where it belongs.

Pika-pie4234d ago


Im not trying to spark a fanboy war. Im meerly celebrating the hard work that has gone into this game and pointing out the idiocy of annoying 360 fanboys who constantly bring down the PS3 library when both systems have great games.

Maybe my comment should have gone into the open zone after all thats where most of them fanboys get shunt.

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nightfallinicedearth4235d ago

Good score, can't wait to pick up next week :).

thebudgetgamer4235d ago

cant wait.

:) psn: monkeykarate

Dark_Vendetta4235d ago

I'm dying to get it. But Gamespot what happened with too much variety? Ah sorry I forgot it'll come with R&C Crack in Time

2FootYard4235d ago

God damn fanboys at Gamespot. 9.5 is a f***ing insult to the greatest game ever made. I hope the reviewer is tarred and feathered for this blasphemy.

II Necroplasm II4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

I'm enraged too!!! Let's burn down a church!

devilhunterx4235d ago

Wait a minute, did we ever needed a reason to burn down a church before?

2FootYard4235d ago

I'm going to kill myself. I can't live in a world where games aren't given the scores they deserve. Hopefully my death will help Gamespot change their blasphemous ways.

Timesplitter144235d ago

So now people are complaining because of a 9.5/10.........

And this is where the strength of the human race fell...

cleanhealthy124235d ago


(for some of our slower members)

Mo0eY4235d ago

It looks like everyone's sarcasm detector is broken today at N4G.

Sarcasm4234d ago


Come on, 9.5?

It should have been a 9.5999999999 and they know it!

aueslander4234d ago

since we have to hear "360 fanboys bring up sales but you cant play sales" I would like to twist it to ps3 gamers and say scores don really matter either since you cant play scores any more than you can play sales.

umair_s514234d ago

9.5 by gamespot's standard is exceptional. Very few games have gotten 9.5 this gen from GS.

jesuisankit4234d ago

LOL dudes that was awesome.. its blasphemy alrite :D

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tillus864235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )


nothing new in this review.. "its a blast bla bla.."
Not worth the spoilers (even in the first seconds of the video)

Kain814235d ago

what happend to DR. Acula
iam a fan of Scrubs, great avatar^^

soljah4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

first few seconds is a major spoiler. i repeat spoiler right away don't watch

Sarcasm4234d ago

Thank you guys, bubbles! I've successfully managed to stay spoiler free for the past year!

bujasem_894235d ago

miming IGN much is it just me or is it everytime ign rates something gamespots rating is almost always identical

The Killer4235d ago

however GS when they copy IGN they always give a rating a little bit less than what IGN gives.

Montrealien4235d ago

sorry, let me rephrase that.

Its only you 2, and the 30 or so more that troll this place that will agree with your tinfoil hat conspiracies.

Jamie Foxx4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

you act as if you are some sort of troll hunter the 'buffy of n4g' should i say,but in doing so appearing to be a troll yourself by trolling after others......ironic huh

Montrealien4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

shhh jamie, you don`t care about me. And I am well aware that I troll the trolls, don`t need you to tell me that.

*puts the cpt obvious hat on Jamie*

TooTall194235d ago

I didn't know Jamie Fox was so funny

Jamie Foxx4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

stop throwing stones when your in a glass house......*gives you back the hat you need it to protect your head from the stones*

DarK-SilV4235d ago

Montrealien Always trying to be the wise guy, he is like Chief ,trying to be strict; in fact he is like gamespot playing it safe,

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )


+ Just think Next week i will have 'Uncharted 2'!!! ;-P
+ WipeOut:HD:Fury(Blu-ray) + 2 weeks later R&C:ACiT... ;-P

Montrealien4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

Stop caring about what I say jamie, I may start thinking you actually do care. If if that happens, I will ask you to cut a mango with me, do you like mangoes?

and blacsheepxx or (insert name here) how do you remember the passwords to all those accounts? And DarK-SilV, you are pretty much right.

*takes hat off*

Cause lets face it, the metaphorical rocks, or glass for that matter wont hurt me.

*puts cpt obvious hat on DarK-SilV*

You deserve it now son, where it with pride. Anyways, I am done with you scrubs, time to go play Uncharted 2, and follow that with a session of Too Human.

being me is so amazing.

bujasem_894235d ago

what a debate up there . anyhow montrealien how is me stating a FACT trolling lol xD just go see the scores for ur self.

i bet they wanna give it a 7 or a 6 , but they know if they do that then the internet ass rape would begin AGAIN!!! lets not forget the old scores huh . lol

Montrealien4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

I don't agree with you bujasem_89, imho its a tinfoil hat theory. Now go copy and past all the links and reviews so you can prove it for me. chop chop! And me b*tch slapping the trolls is far from a debate. With that said, Jamie is not a troll, just a guy who prefers sony and loves and trusts a corporation, and I can respect that.

bujasem_894235d ago

montrealien yea sure im totally gonna waist 10 mins on ya definitely , lol dude , and whats the conspiracy ???? u either really do believe in that stuff or ur GS staff cause i dont see how this really effects u , and from the top how is a site trying to play it safe by copying reviews of another site a conspiracy lol , its only game site's not the government u might wanna try getting out of that cave u call a bedroom aight chap ;)

Montrealien4235d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

For the record, unless you missed it, I am accusing you of thinking there is some form of review copying conspiracy. its a little complicated I know, but the end result could be very simple, maybe at places like GS and Ign its just a bunch of guys writing reviews. and not, and I quote...

"i bet they wanna give it a 7 or a 6 , but they know if they do that then the internet ass rape would begin AGAIN!!! lets not forget the old scores huh . lol"


likedamaster4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

Jamie couldn't spot humor if it smacked him in the back of his head. You're a disgrace to the real J.Fox

Uncharted 2 = best game... on the PS3.

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