PS3 Comparison Chart

Using US and Japanese sales data Sony Protection Group present to you a graph of the first 24 weeks of life for the Playstation family of consoles (not PSP).

As you can see the PS3 is clearly out pacing the PS1 and is slightly behind the pace of the PS2. Given the huge amount of buzz coming in the future months for the PS3 we'll update this chart for you and see where we are.

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P4KY B4259d ago

what caused the two rapid increases in the PS2 sales?
Was it a price cut?
Or a big release like FF/GT/MGS?

btkadams4258d ago

wtf why did someone diagree with u? so confused

power of Green 4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

They should do one on Nintendo consoles. lol

Ps1: people out grew Nintendo

Ps2: Spill over from the PS1 success, games, DVD helped, All the dev support.

Is this generation the same? "hardly'. Trend and popular opinion has changed and is in Nintendo's favor not to mention the PS3 is playing catch up to the 360. Could PS3 come back and win in the end yes but who cares, I sure won't give a fack about the PS3 when the Xbox 720 is out.

Come on wheres the Summer love (Justin Timberlake) it's Love Stoned this generation. MS's bringing sexy back.

gta_cb4259d ago

lol nice post, shame 2 people have disagreed.

gta_cb4259d ago

oh and those pics are nice, cant wait to pick it up (Mass Effect)

Captain Tuttle4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

The PS2 had no real competition (Dreamcast was never really a threat to Sony...bad management), unlike the PS3 today. That's why it won't do as well. Developers can't afford to sit by and wait while Sony builds an install base. Why should they?

achira4259d ago

have a lot of fun with buying every year a new console. but wait, thats similar with a pc? so why should i nead a xbox ?

ITR4258d ago

The only reason I chose the PS1 over the N64 was because I hated the controller on the N64.

I bought the PS2 because of GT and the DVD player(which is a ok player).
I also bought the GC and Xbox. Got rid of the Xbox due to the controller size and feel.

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TheMART4259d ago

First off, the PS2 got rocked launched because of


That is now on the 360 on day one also.

Furthermore, 7 years ago the gaming world had a lot less people that bought this stuff.

Thus: you can't compare these numbers. The PS3 isn't doing good in this timeframe, plus: it did well the first few months selling to fanboys but now it ain't selling anymore. Plus biggest problem:

The PS2 was FIRST to launch the console. The XBOX came one year later. This gen, the 360 is first to launch. Its a big, big advantage

Raist4259d ago

You sure love to use console sales numbers and comparisons when it's good for your propaganda, lol.

"b-b-b-but the 360 is the fastest selling console OF ALL TIME"

And now we can't compare with older consoles anymore ?

Juevani4259d ago

''The PS2 was FIRST to launch the console. The XBOX came one year later. This gen, the 360 is first to launch. Its a big, big advantage''

it doesnt look like its that big advantage when the 360 have been stock on 10 mill since new year start *haha* man comn the other consoles is catchin up really fast.

Alvadr4259d ago

You really are the biggest fanboy I have ever seen. You are enough to put anyone off buying a 360 amongst fears they will end up like you.

gta_cb4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

"And now we can't compare with older consoles anymore ?"

umm yes we can, BUT the thing is it wont be the same this time around. the article says this at the end

"Yes...we could bother to compare against the other consoles...but why bother since the GAMECUBE would be out pacing the PS2 at this point and we know what happened there!"

but like TheMART says, there was alot less people in the console world 7years ago, the PS2 was the carry on from a very successful PS1, and as from recent news, even in Japan where it is considered Sonys land, they have now droped below 10,000 sales.

now dont get me wrong i am NOT saying they wont win, and i am ESPECIALLY NOT saying there gonna absolutely suck! all i am saying is the PS3 IS in trouble ATM, and Sony have deffinatly made alot of mistakes. so if they can sort them selves out with maybe a price cut etc then it would put them in a better position.

But to me the article seems like a group of people that dont want to admit the PS3 isnt doing well especially when it says

"Yes...we could bother to compare against the other consoles...but why bother since the GAMECUBE would be out pacing the PS2 at this point and we know what happened there!"

because they would see that the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii ARE doing better at this moment in time. (Mainly the Wii)

techie4259d ago

"The PS2 was FIRST to launch the console."

Actually you're wrong Mart. The Dreamcast was out first. Which both had better graphics than the launch ps2 gmaes...and had more and better games.

It's quite simple why the ps2 sold so well so early on. One. It's Sony and everyone loved the PS1. Two. The price was reasonable.

Then it was a year later when the great games came out....boost in the sales right there. There was also a price drop by the september the next year.

So what have we learned? Great games, price drop, and previous Sony buyers = PS3 sales. Make no bones about it... PS2 owners are more likely to get a PS3 in a year or two's time when the PS3 is a lot cheaper

mrsharky4258d ago

dreamcast came out first, then ps2 buried it.

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Bathyj4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

GTA didn't launch with PS2 Mart. You're more full of it than usual.

Nor were there any price cuts this early in the other consoles lives. As for no competition, thats crap too. Sega had a console there each time. They simply werent up to the competiton for various reason that dont need be gone over now. Remember Dreamcast was the first out last Gen, NOT PS2, and PSOne had Saturn. Dont act like there was no competition just because Sony made it look that way.

Alot of the points you made PoG are still true today.
Alot of people have still outgrown Nintendo. I dont care how much hardware they're selling. They is one game I like on the system and thats why its my least favourite. Just about everything that has come out is a mini game collection designed to use their gimmick or an inferior port of games that are better on both the other consoles.

Spillover sucess from PS1, PS2. BR helps. Lots of Dev support. There are still plenty of Playstation fans no matter how much some of you guys dont want it to be true. Yeah Sony has had its bad press. Mainly on the net. And no surprise most of them are Xbox fans. Who cares, theres only 20 million or so of them. And the mainstream never hears you so....who cares.
BR wont have the impact DVD had, but then again, lots of people are buying LCD's and Plasmas. Hell thats just about all people are buying. Is it hard to believe BR might be popular in a year. Maybe 2. And the dev supports still there so dont worried about that. A little hestitant maybe, but they just want mor userbase. Plenty of games are in developement.

You guys can try and spin this bad if you want (why do you do that)but these number say different. PS3 is doing well despite all the thing going against it. Its outselling Xbox worldwide this year. Imagine when it actually has games. Or a price cut? You'll have nothing left to complain about.

Dont get me wrong guys. I'm not claiming PS3 is going to win the war or sell 100 million. I'm just saying its not the disaster you guys want it to be.

clownfacemcgee4259d ago

I don't care how many consoles you sell. That's why I'm not a fanboy. I had an xbox and a PS2, and for a while I played my PS2, but when Halo came out and especially after Halo 2, my PS2 had to shove over, 'cause I only have one A/V input. Yes, the PS2 killed the Xbox in sales and in money made and on the charts and in the figures, but I'm not an investor. I don't give a crap how much money they make, I give a crap about the games, and Xbox had better games in my opinion. And it could do that because it was the more powerful system. So I don't care if the PS3 isn't selling as hot as the 360 or Wii, because that won't affect the magnitude of games that are made for it.

You tell me that the PS2 games looked better than the Xbox games, and I've got an invisible, intangible, submarine to sell you.

Watkins4259d ago

I think it's a great start for the PS3, and I'm not worried the slightest bit about the future. The console came out very expensive, and with very few games. This will change, and things will turn around.

What's with Mart btw? Making up all that stuff, crazy .. Attention?

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