Glory Days 2 Hands-on

Glory Days 2 does a great job balancing action with strategy. You can blast away at enemies until your weapons bays run dry, but if you don't take over the forts along the way you'll never come out on top. If you're just cruising around in the air without rescuing innocent civilians you can't earn enough money to buy the brute force of tanks and soldiers needed to take over the fortresses.

The biggest addition to the design is the multiplayer implementation. Up to eight players can link up and compete in Glory Days 2, an option that was sorely missing in the original GBA game. No online play, I'm afraid...but when you see how much carnage is going on in the battlefield you can probably understand why this game's not hitting the Wi-Fi Connection service. Maybe for Glory Days 3.

The DS follow up looks good, sounds great, and even though it's based on classic computer games, plays like nothing else currently on the market.

Craig Harris of IGN's full hands on experience available.

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