Rumor: Halo 3 Campaign - 4 Player Co-op Over Live reports: "Some new details surrounding the upcoming Halo 3 campaign have been leaked. It appears that Bungie have some big surprises lined up for the sure-fire hit, possibly one of the biggest of them all is the inclusion of 4-player co-op over Live and system link. Fans have been begging for the feature, and it seems Bungie have adhered to the fans pleas. Co-op multiplayer has proved to be extremly popular amongst titles such as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and Epic's blockbuster, Gears Of War, with the inclusion of 4-player co-op, it looks like Bungie's attempting to raise the bar."

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power of Green 4475d ago

DC RID3R where have you been?.

matt19914475d ago

i think this is kinda stupid because if you have like 3 realy good players and a noob the noob is not going to have fun and it will most likely be laggy but i do kinda like the fact that bungie is raising the bar so hopefuly this is true because this will be rape for campaign

shotty4475d ago

Well aslong as the option is there, remember they are not fighting each but working along side one another so it doesn't matter. Also its more about bringing friends together for co-op, trust me i've played with morons on gears of war co-op and in the end was still fun trying to get them out of sticky situations. Now imagine 4 master chiefs running about.

gogators4475d ago

allow for private parties via system link. It's always nice have 16 people over for some food and halo. It was great with Halo 2, I am glad they kept it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4475d ago

Been waiting for more players in co-op, now I can play this with my brothers and friends on live. We use the 360 to keep in touch like a telephone but a billion times better and co-op games like this are good for us.

CyberSentinel4475d ago

I wish all games included a Co-op option, it makes a game much more fun and exciting. Make the difficulty selectable to balance it out for kids, or adult play. As for using Live as a communication means between friends, I know exactly what you mean bro, I do the same thing with my gamer friends.

gta_cb4475d ago

"I do the same thing with my gamer friends."
same here.

BubblesDAVERAGE4475d ago

Thats one feature that the ps3 is very slow wiht and thats which makes the game very replayable..

FeralPhoenix4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

Bungie, knows what Gamers want....just save something to surprise us just before release. BTW, I played the Beta yesterday for 4 hrs straight, until my wife started giving me that "look", well all I can say is that the multiplayer is f-kin awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.