Eurogamer Italy: Uncharted 2 review

"The perfect combination between the modes in single and multiplayer is something that will make school. All other production will be taken into account. As mentioned at the beginning, the perfect formula exists, but what the hell ... Naughty Dog seems determined to find it."

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Blaster_Master4235d ago

I sold my 360 just so I could afford this game, ratchet, demons souls, modern warfare 2, and GOW collection.

xabmol4235d ago

I sold my Wii last year around this time to buy some games too. Shame you have to miss out on Crackdown 2 & XBLA though...

SprSynJn4235d ago

I honestly do not know how someone can afford to spend money on more than one console, especially now that all three have games just pouring out of their vents. Many of my friends seem to have at least two, and yet must save up for their families. Wasting money on a gaming system is one argument, but wasting it on two or more is another. I think you made a good choice by committing to one.

Lifendz4235d ago

meanwhile everytime I manage to get the money to buy one Sony comes out with more amazing games. I always wind up saying I'd rather get 4 PS3 games than get another system with no games. Sigh.

I'm hoping that by the time Alan Wake comes out Sony doesn't have anything that might take my 360 money again. Oh wait, isn't Heavy Rain coming out next year? Darnit.

TheMailman4235d ago

Blaster Master, bubbles for you... You are one of the few Xbox 360 owners that saw the light and not forsake it…

Lifendz4235d ago

Good point. Bubbles. With multiplats having become the norm for almost all 3rd party games it makes it less of a necessity to own more than one console (unless your main is a Wii).

Noob4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

Just look a my gamertag in my profile. You can even send me a message if you don't believe me. I'm considering selling it since I don't play it much. The amount of good exclusive games released this year on PS3 is fantastic. Sony delivered 200% this year with games. I really wouldn't of seen it coming last year but this year belongs to Sony.

duplissi4235d ago

nonsense owning both is the best!

Montrealien4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

The guy sells his console so he can buy Uncharted and he is praised? wtf is all this saw the light crap all about? This is the gamer zone, there is no light to see, just good games to be talked about and Uncharted 2 is one of them.

I will be buying it, and I don`t need to sell anything to afford it, did I forsake the light?


go go N4G

I`ll help, dissagree button is right here. ------------------------------ ------------------------------|

Syronicus4235d ago

The only thing keeping my 360 in my house is the fact that they have yet to cancel my Live account even though my credit card is off file and that I use the Three-Fix-Me for Netflix only. Trading it in for any one of those games puts you in the green if you ask me.

Sitdown4235d ago

Just out of curiosity, what is the light he saw?

jack_burt0n4235d ago


He is just being honest, you know the honesty that makes it worth reading according to you, and its just a collection of perspectives just because they dont match up to yours theres no need to get upset about it.

Because that makes ur version of honesty actually look a little butt hurt like u have an inner fanboy.

Just an opinion :)

Montrealien4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

lol, touché Mr Burton, touché.

now, back to business.

Honestly, this place is serious business and I honestly believe the only light that is to see here is that of good games you like, on consoles you have and that honestly hurts many people butts here. Honestly.

¸Edit: btw, News Flash!

I just got the game and I will honestly be playing this amazing game tonight and all weekend. Honestly.

CrazedFiend4235d ago

Speak for yourself. My 360 is BROKE!

But broke or not, I already decided to trade it for Uncharted. I've even already told all my Live friends how to find me on PSN.

duplissi4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )


well yeah its gonna suck when your 360 dies.... i am fortunate enough not to have experienced that, but when it does as long as im still within warrantee ill send it in because its worth it for some of the games- but hell no will i buy another one

TheDeadMetalhead4234d ago

That's the report button... -_-

rockleex4234d ago

Blaster_Master did NOT see the light.


Because he joined the dark side... starting at $299.

But TheMailman COULD be right. Blaster_Master could have been facing the light while walking backwards to the dark side. O_o

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Jamie Foxx4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

*gamespy* take notes & sorry sessler this beats your amazing review,this review was so beautifully written and emotional it got me pumped up like rocky and the eye of the tiger for a GAME which hasnt happened since ocarina of time, i laughed to myself at the idiocy which is me...

starvinbull4235d ago

Damn those Italians have a way with words don't they. Really good review.

Jamie Foxx4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago ) points deducted because footprints didnt freeze over lol

@starvinbull.....thats how italians get soo many women,they have a way with words lol

Montrealien4235d ago

Almost every review is honest, and if you think that because you don`t agree with it it makes it disshonest review, you are not honest with yourself.

Jamie Foxx4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

we have had sites who admitted they havnt played infamous then stated 'we will score it lower than prototype'...gamespys review of uncharted 2 was dishonest considering they gave batman a 10 (now was that a perfect game?) weve had gametrailers pass of ps3 footage as 360 footage,weve had corrupt MGS4 scores, im a gamer but im not blinded

so dont reply to me with your nonsense

Montrealien4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

speaking of nonsense.

I am not your enemy, your enemy is your inner me. YOUR INNER ME!

thank you.

And its MR Dr Phil to you.

btw, are you aware of what the word almost stands for?

Jamie Foxx4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

on topic.....once again great review congratulations naughty dog

at below.........thats where you belong

Montrealien4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

Once again, a great review, and its honest to boot! Why? because I agree with it.

True story.

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Spike474235d ago

I hate how it takes so long to kill another player, when he's standing 3 feet away from you and you both have rifles. Still, it's loads of fun! I have to buy UC2.

TheMailman4235d ago

Me to, and usually I die first..

I really don´t know that is me or the internet connection.. . Maybe I´m just a bad dancer...

Razzy4235d ago

"...maybe I'm just a bad dancer"


dreamcast4235d ago

I've found the best way to kill other players that are close to you is to free-aim your pistol as you're running towards them. 3 shots + melee will kill them.

GamerPS3604235d ago

I get my Demon Souls today. I know UPS guy comes around 1:00 pm but I am already checking out of my window (9 am). hehehe

I guess, I will be playing uncharted 2 on 14th or 15th. saves me couple of bucks and no money for gamestop.

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