Modern Warfare 2: Captain Price is Back

According to Videogameszone, Captain Price is back in Modern Warfare 2. So Billy Murray, Captain Price's voice actor in Call of Duty 4, recently flew to LA to work on Modern Warfare 2.

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maniactadpole4921d ago

Although it would've been realistic and dramatic if both Soap and Capt. Price died at the end of Call of duty 4 Modern Warfare's last mission 'Game Over'.

wAtdaFck4921d ago

I highly recommend you edit spoiler tags on your post.

*ahem* for obvious reasons *ahem*

mistajeff4921d ago

I think the real problem is spoilers like these getting approved as news

EpicGamerSwordsman4921d ago

Cpt. Price is on EVERY COD Game (besides 3) so i dont see why they wouldnt include him on MW2

Panthers4921d ago

Freaking seriously. I mean damn. SPOILER. I did not want to know this prior to playing. Ugh

Paralex4921d ago

Are you guys getting mad because he spoiled the end to CoD 4? Really? The game is 2 years old and the campaign is like 5 hours long. You should have played this by now.

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ShabzS4921d ago

haha... i just dont get what they are doing with price ... in cod 1 you have to rescue him from a german detention camp and he looked like he's 50 .... he's there in cod 2 as well... considering all that i was actually surpirsed to see him again in cod 4 ... even more surprised that he actually looked younger in 2007

Static-X4921d ago

They're father and son.

DARK WITNESS4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

I tend to think of him as the equivalent to Halo's Sgt Johnson.

In terms of looks and attitude I think johnson in Halo CE actually looked and came across as being older then the one we saw in halo 3 and odst.

I actually never noticed it was the same price in the other cod games. I guess he just didn't say anything as memorable as " we an't going to let them have it !... what we will let them have is a belly full of lead and a pool of their own blood to drawn in! Am I right marines ?! .. Sir, yes sir !" lol

to be honest though, I like it more when a game has a consistent story and characters that you can follow through.

ShabzS4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

lol.. i remember that line ... that opening speech always changed with the difficulty setting ... i think he gave that speech in the legendary difficulty ... and yeah he is similar to price in a way ... for one they never really told us how johnson survived halo ce's end just... like how price survived old age

LukaX234921d ago

Stop approving spoilers. I think I'll just stop visiting gaming sites until the game is out. I DON'T WANT TO RUIN THE STORY.

Nitrowolf24921d ago

lol price is back again lol he is in allot of other cod games

Dellis4921d ago


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