Serious Engine 3 Images

Check out the images of the new Serious Engine 3. These are the first public glimpses of this new engine which has been said is comparable to Epic's Unreal Engine 3.

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power of Green 4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )


#7 WTF are you talking about?, did you come in here to glorify this engine because of the GoW/360 threat?. Most of what is shown looks like sh*t.

I do hope that was a joke.

MastaGT4197d ago

i think epic's engine just became lsat gen..

gta_cb4197d ago

ummm... i dont think so

CrazzyMan4197d ago

some screens are pretty impressive i would say, atleast that truck is looking good. :)

gta_cb4197d ago

yeh some screens are cool, but i dont think its going to be better then the Unreal Engine 3. and deff not going to make it Unreal engine 3 looks like "last gen" like MastaGT said

CAPS LOCK4197d ago

nice...but the tea pots? lol

Motion4197d ago

are a generic object or shape that is included in 3ds max, prolly being what they used to make many of the models for the game, that screen is more showing texturing/lighting capabilities of the engine

Dread19814197d ago

some off them look like real places, i mean they are hard to tell the different from realy life, my god the pic of the statue off liberty is awsome and the pic off wich seams the be a slum quater in a foriegn contry i could not tell the differense..

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The story is too old to be commented.