PGR3 Used to Promote PS3 Again...for a 3rd time

PGR3 has been used to promote the Playstation 3 for a THIRD TIME. First we had PGR3 being advertised as Gran Turismo on a website. Last week we had PGR3 being advertised as a PS3 game on a KIA compeition website partnered with Sony. Now we have this... I'll let the image do the talking.


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power of Green 4481d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

PGR4 going to sell thousands of PS3s, more than PGR3 thats for sure.

You people make me sick why isn't Sony on top of their game allowing somebody to use their brand name to falsly advertise their products. What company allows false info to sell their name/products.???????????????? ??????

Talk about Making some one sick.

Look at these new pics of GTHD.

EZCheez4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

You're right.

At least this guy speaks the truth.

dissectionalrr4480d ago

what does that link have to do with the story?

Maddens Raiders4480d ago

-- "You people make me sick why isn't Sony on top of their game allowing somebody to use their brand name to falsly advertise their products. What company allows false info to sell their name/products.???????????????? ??????" --

WTH are you talking about? SNE didn't make the owners / publishers / editors / writers of this magazine use that stock photo of PGR as an ad. Have you gone mad? You think SNE is everywhere at everytime to watch what magazines do or print?

It's a mediamarket article <<<<<<<-- ---[very important] with a misplaced piece of copyart. In this case a photo. What this shows to me is that the people making these ads and magazines etc have no clue about videogames.. Aren't there people checking if the content of these things is correct? Obviously they have no clue aswell..

Calm down POG. You're giving SNE waaay too much credit & BTW that Forza 2 pic you showed looks very gray, dull and arcadish. Really not looking good at all. Just my take.


Amplifier4481d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

doing anything, the stupid magazines and Kia are getting those screens, not Sony!

You people make me sick with trying to make Sony look bad when you are the ones looking like a FOOLS.


PS - Yes I am calling people that believe Sony would honestly use something that is copyright protected to advertise their system, FOOLS!

WilliamRLBaker4480d ago

How you look past every thing and still dont blame sony.
THESE ARE SONY COMMERCIALS with SONY COMMERCIAL Products it would responsiblity of sony to stop such commercials from being made.

Its they're Legal department that should be observing these commercials and seeing that hey that game isn't ours and isn't on our system so we should stop them from using it.

Face it sony is not some nameless pawn here, by certifying such commercials they are just as to blame as the companies that produce them.

EZCheez4480d ago

I'm not disagreeing with you, but since you brought up forgiving customers it kind of reminds me of the Microsoft faithful that are so forgiving of faulty equipment and bad patches.

Go ahead and say it's not Microsoft's fault, but when you are the company that gets to pocket the money made off of said consoles and patches, then you are also the one to blame for bad QA. Now replace the name "Sony" for "Microsoft" and "advertisements" for "consoles and patches." See how easily these roles can be reversed?

Go ahead and accuse me of flaming. I post what I think. So sue me.

DEIx15x84480d ago

The game developers, publishers, and (with console pushers) platform owners usually release press packages to the different media outlets to use. THey usually contain photos, videos, descriptions, statements, lists of things included (people, vehicles, levels, etc.) and sometimes even stock interviews and other reviews. THey release them for the sole purpose of making it easy to get accurate articles published at a faster rate since the more articles the more people know about the game. Since we've seen PGR3 photos used for GT:HD by Sony themselves, publications, and even contest partners it would seem to be a case of falsified press packages.
If those photos were indeed included they could have been for the purpose of comparison but people didn't read the letters. Since people look for the best pics when publishing/advertising though, it shouldn't have been such a common occurrence for someone to grab the photo that was meant to look worse.

WilliamRLBaker4480d ago

Did I say any thing about microsoft? no i did not, And you can disagree with me if you want its not like i'm oblivious to the fact people have differing opinions then my own.
But Failing systems are a totally different thing, Yes its microsofts fault for not just saying send us your systems that are proven to be defunct and we will fix em for free.

But the variables surrounding broken systems, how they broke, weither it was because of consumer tampering...ect Are too large to just say its all microsofts fault.

This is totally different, All these Are commercials/ads that HAVE TO BE ok'd by sony them selves, They use trademarks and copyrights of the sony corporation And I would assume at somepoint sony's legal department would have to review said commercials before they were put into magazines, shown on tv...ect

Yet seemingly they aren't and this guy says its not sonys fault, At somepoint it is sonys fault because in most ad's the copyright holders have to OK said usage before its allowed onto the market and with such blarring problems such as using a game that has never and hasn't been announced to be on a sony system it seems like they never reviewed them, Or did and decided to ok it anyways.

EZCheez4480d ago

I never said you commented on Microsoft. What you did say was-

"What I find funny is how you can look past everything and still don't blame Sony"

Hence the reason for the comparison. I based my argument on what I considered your thesis statement. Seeing as how you had such a broad statement for the main topic, I just wanted to show that this view can be seen from either direction, no matter the topic.

I have no doubt that this is in some shape or form Sony's fault. I tend to look at things from a military standpoint (mainly because i'm in it). When someone on even the lowest level f's up, then everyone up the chain all the way to the boss looks like an idiot, and will feel the heat.

And to consider that there aren't just as many variables in advertising that could easily lead to this mistake is solely your own opinion. I really doubt there is anyone here with a degree in advertising, so we could argue about this all night though.

cuco334480d ago

someone at sony has to sign off for using sony images, brands, etc so even if it's the magazine leading charge, even if it's kia, or anyone else at the end of the day a sony exec is signing off

better to know your product before being canned cuz this is now just ridiculous. i can see it going once by accident, maybe a 2nd time... but 3? cmon now... someone at sony isnt doing their job!

Grown Folks Talk4480d ago

the only people giving microsoft a pass on faulty hardware are the ones who haven't had any problems. i see owners who've had to replace their system comment on it virtually every day. the majority of society doesn't care about a problem as long as it doesn't directly affect them.

Amplifier4480d ago

then I guess you could say Sony has control over "everyone"

You people are retard to think that Sony can be everywhere everytime someone decides to falsify their products.

I don't know if you understand how the world works but I guarantee that Sony wouldn't need PGR3 or PGR4 when they clearly have GT to show the system graphical powers.

Disagree all you want still won't change how foolish you really are


WilliamRLBaker4480d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

And I can understand looking past a systems hardware faults and the blame of the manufacturer...ect because there are vastly more variables to think about when it comes to the creation, the production and the overall functionality and durability then an ad or commercial.

I cannot understand him basically turning a blind eye to every thing and saying in no way is it sony's fault for those commercials, The production, and end result on the durability of a system is much more complex and has many more people dealing with it then an ad or commercial.

Producing, and sending out an ad is less complex of a process (i've worked in the TV and AV department at my school and we went over this stuff in those classes so i know atleast a lil of what i'm talking about)
The parent company wants to put out an ad or commercial if that company has ad department then this is regulated to them, they must secure the rights to any images they do not own to use in the commercial once they have secured said rights and the storyboards...ect are put together the commercial is shot, or created then it is put into magazines and or tv after airtime is purchased. this is the basics of a tv commercial and its production...

If a company wants to make a commercial including another product they must obtain rights to use said images in said commercial Most of the process they have to pitch the commercials basic concept and sometimes entire concept to get the legal rights by the parent of said copyrighted material.

usually at most there are no more then 50-100 people dealing with this at a time, Unlike a consoles creation,production and release to the consumer where who knows how many people are involved.

At somepoint the legal department at sony handling the rights of said products had to have seen that the commercials and ads contained images and the names...ect of a product they did not own, or was not on they're system, Yet sony did nothing about it.

Mind you neither did the copyright owners of pgr..ect so its not all sony's fault its alot of different agencies and corporate bodies faults, But he basically said sony was at no fault at any time which is just silly.

And Amp its not retarded to assume that sony atleast has control over its own copyrights and patents...I mean its just sad if sony isn't capable of controling a simple commercial or ad that contains its copyrights...ect dont you think?

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PimpNick_19804480d ago

Both of you clam down, smoke something, the PS3 has enough bad press on its own.

MySwordIsHeavenly4480d ago

Contradictory, don't you think?

Just sayin'...

InMyOpinion4480d ago

Yeah! Jesus was a pimp, not a pot smoker! Shame on you!

sticky doja4480d ago

Maybe the PS3 images don't look as good as PGR images so they want to spice up the ad.

clownfacemcgee4480d ago

GT-HD looks incredible. Anyone who looks at a simple comparison can see that GT-HD looks better than PGR3. Look at the screen shots for both and tell me that GT-HD doesn't look noticeably better than PGR3.

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