DSi Sells 2.2 Million Units

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that the DSi has sold 2.2 million units since its April debut.

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Ron_Burgundy4366d ago

crap compared to PSP and filled to the brim with shovelware and games like Hannah Montana and Barney and friends

only notable game is scribblenauts and gta chinatown wars

qface644366d ago

you say that while the psp actually has a hannah montana psp ._.

Ron_Burgundy4366d ago

yes, but on the DS that's as hardcore as it gets

UNCyrus4366d ago

Was I the only person that thought "only 2.2 million?" When they read this? Seems like the way those things sell, especially over in Japan that it would have been higher than this after 6 months of being on the market

darthv724366d ago

Anyway, I think you are missing the bigger picture. What you mentioned really has nothing to do with the ds"i" but the ds in general. The selling point of the "i" is the dsi store (no hanna or barney there) as well as other things that made the psp a hit (music, web browser, removable storage, photos, etc).

So far I really like the dsi. sony did it first but that isnt stopping nintendo from trying to market it to those that like the ds too.

HolyOrangeCows4366d ago (Edited 4366d ago )

What do I need to pay $40 more for when I'm losing the GBA slot and gaining a pointless camera? No ''DS Go'' for me.

"only notable game is scribblenauts and gta chinatown wars "
FAIL. Ever heard of ''Mario & Luigi'', ''Pokemon'', or ''Yoshi's Island'', or etc?

Sarcasm4366d ago

It's "Only" 2.2million if you don't add the regular DS sales. So it's actually more like 3.5 million plus for 6 months in the US alone. They probably sell like 15 million a year worldwide.

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Sunny_D4366d ago

Hmm, figured it be more.

Why Dat4366d ago

Gotta give credit where credit is due (even if I am a Playstation fanboy). Great job with the DSi Nintendo!