MLG adds Gears of War to the 2007 season

In an unexpected announcement, Major League Gaming has added Xbox 360 hit Gears of War to its 2007 season, starting with June's event held at the Meadowlands. For the rest of MLG's 2007 season, Gears 4v4 tournaments will be held at every event with the total prize payouts reaching $140,000 and the finals awarding $25,000 to the team who topples the competition. If interested in competing, be sure to head over to MLG's website to register for events and to get all the details. Who knows, maybe you could be the next "big thing" in gaming.

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reaperxciv4476d ago

MLG should request epic for another patch to fix the terrible lag and other "exploits" on GoW

gta_cb4476d ago

the only time i have lag is when i have joined someone that has a rubbish internet connection. but yeh some of the glitching needs sorting out.

Lex Luthor4476d ago

Ahhhh.... Upset that they didn't pick resistance are you?

FirstknighT4476d ago

No lag in MLG since they dont play online. All thier tournaments are playined via Lan. Gears of War is one of the most tactical games ever made. This was a no brainer.

dominusbellum4473d ago

they do have online tournaments i am in one right now but were kind of getting our butts kicked lol we dominated our first match but now we aren't doin so hot lag does effect the game glad to hear there hosting lan tourney's though