Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Going too Far?

With the launch of the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 trailer comes controversy as The Christian Science Monitor questions whether the trailer's depiction of a bombed-out White House goes too far (via GamePolitics).

The site mentions that this is the first time "such striking imagery has surfaced since 9/11," but as we all know, that's simply untrue. Fallout 3 is the obvious example that comes to mind, but another, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, depicted the exact same scenario in its campaign. Namely, American troops storming the occupied White House. The posting also cites Grand Theft Auto IV as a back-handed example of games that go too far.

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Gamer60564982d ago

To me American people need to STFU (for those who are complaining)! Why?
We need to get over it and move on. Its like saying Is Capcom going to far shooting black people in Res. Evil 5? It is just a game people. Oh BTW I am from the U.S. and for those who lost loved ones and have been offended than forgive and don't buy this game. Simple as that.

MAR-TYR-DOM4982d ago

We're fine when were fighting and shooting mosques and churches in other countries, but once it happens in our own, we start screaming. Its just a game.

tdogchristy904982d ago

gamer for starters I find your argument a little harsh. People keep saying that we just need to move on and, 9/11 was 8 years ago. Yes it is good to move on and not let things destroy you forever, but we must never forget. Being a historian I for for a fact that if you don't learn from history you WILL repeat it.

Gamer60564982d ago

I understand what you mean. What I meant is yeah never forget the day 9/11 happened but don't live by it. Just like ww2 happened. We remember to not repeat it again, but do you see many people complaining bout ww2 games? no.

gamesR4fun4981d ago

its the democratic way a few crackpots call the shots... lets just hope this group doesnt get their way...

n war is real fact is it could happen here especially given the US's war mongering abroad.

Pika-pie4981d ago

Its just a frikken game.. Fiction!! Get over it

Winter47th4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

I think that little boy whom his entire family was surgical striked in an Afghan village would say just about the same thing about the Americans, so no, it ain't going too far, buttercup. Not by an inch.

That "AMERICA! **** YEAH!" mentality should be exchanged for a little currency called reason and common sense.

ZootHornRollo4981d ago

its ok to do this in the middle east but not ok in our own land??

simple minded american much???

Skizelli4981d ago

Reason and common sense? One could have reason and still lack common sense. Where was Japan's common sense the morning of December 7th, 1941? Where was Hitler's common sense when he slaughtered so many Jews? How about Napoleon, Bin Laden, or Omar al-Bashir? You talk like America is the only country with people that lack common sense. It's called humanity. It's in us all.

On a final note, the majority of Americans don't have that "AMERICA, *** YEAH!" mentality you seem to think we all have.

vegnadragon4981d ago

It is a god damn game that you can re spawn after death, take hundreds of bullets and not die and now you can throw knifes to kill people. This stuff does happen in this reality cause it is all make believe.

playstation1234981d ago

not complaining who cares, its fictional. Im not offended its just a game chill

4981d ago
jmare4981d ago

America! Fvck Yeah! Comin' again to save the motherfvckin day, yeah! America! Fvck Yeah! Freedom is the only way, yeah!

n4f4981d ago

omg im black im still shock that they put black in resident evil. //

DeadlyFire4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

I am sick of this pansy crap. I don't care who you are in the virtual world. Destroying stuff is fun and atmosphere of game is no different from movies of today. They take place everywhere destroying everything. Its a little narrow minded to start blaming one or two games for something an entire other industry(Film) does all the same. Get over it. If I want to level Washington, DC in a video game I will do so if the game's physics will allow it. If I want to level NYC to a flat and barren landscape I want to see it possible in a game to destroy everything.

If you ask me I say video games haven't even scratched the surface of what should and could be done. Its all fair game I believe.

@1.13 - RE 5 takes place in Africa 80-90% of the population of Africa is Black. Get over it. Its called factual statistics. You don't see a movie like Blood Diamond set in Africa with hundreds of white people in the background do you?

Skizelli4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

Aww, someone ignored me. :( Sorry if the truth hurts.

n4f4981d ago

come on i am really black
you trying to inform me about my roots is a waist of time(cause i know everything that i should have know)
its was sarcasm

decimalator4981d ago

There have been very good movies about recent wars that treat the subject matter well and nobody asks whether they have gone too far or if they are being insensitive or offensive. But the second that a video game tries to do the same, cue the right wing hypocrits. I feel embarrassed to be an american thanks to people like this guy. He gives americans AND CHRISTIANS a bad name.

Like it or not, video games are just as much art or crap as movies or any other medium. The oft-maligned Grand Theft Auto is no more violent or gratuitous as a lot of blockbuster movies I have seen, yet GTA is targeted by everyone.

It's not video games or movies or music or whatever other big scary medium that is the cause of our collective social problems, it is BAD PARENTING, LACK OF EDUCATION and IDIOTS LIKE YOU.

jav09184980d ago

Our government and people who react to games like this are a perfect example of why everyone in the world thinks were idiots.. ZzZzZ

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tdogchristy904982d ago

In reguards to the article, it sounds to me they are complaining just because it's America. What if it was some other country or symbol, would you not complain? I myself am an American and Christian and I find it offensive when a group seems to suggest by there words that they only care about the fact that the white house was blown up and wouldn't necessarily cause a fuss if it were say pakistan. It's just hypocritical of you and shows your ignorance.

Gamer60564982d ago

This is because most Americans here live in our own little world and don't give a f*ck about other countries unless it benefits us. Again I am from the U.S..

tdogchristy904981d ago

and that's part of our issue, we need to stop being so self involved. It's part of why the world tends to hate us, we need to be more aware of the rest of the world and not our own little bubble.

kissmeimgreek4981d ago

Fallout 3 had a whole destroyed washington DC with war in it. how is this any worse?

gamesR4fun4981d ago

future vs present si/fi vs realism... i dunno could b the biotch never saw the ads for fallout...

Gish4981d ago

Actually there was a fallout 3 add in the DC subway system that freaked people out so they pulled it. I could have told you that that wasn't the prime spot to have that ad... idiots.

Ssxtreme364981d ago

like we havent seen this sort of distruction in movies, it happens almost ever year. ever seen independence day? i cant believe people are really starting to whine and cry over things like this when it comes to a video game but whenever it happens in a movie no one says anything....

this is f***ing stupid and another way at trying to get attention and traffic off of N4G in order to push your (the authors) agenda at trying to get people to freak out over nothing.

glennc4981d ago

ha ha he said:
Christian Science.
contradiction, no?

gamesR4fun4981d ago

sadly its a pretty popular cult the christan science one that is they got 'centers' in jus about every major city.

dragonyght4981d ago

lol bout times. what toke them so long

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