Gmail also hit by e-mail phishing scheme

Hotmail users aren't the only ones who've been hit by a phishing scheme over the past week. Google told BBC News on Tuesday that Gmail users have also been affected by the hackers who posted passwords online.

The problem is far more widespread than was disclosed on Monday, possibly affecting Yahoo and AOL e-mail accounts as well, according to BBC News.

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xc7x4367d ago

haha,where are everyone that downed hotmail the other day when it was headlined? figures..

SixZeroFour4366d ago

lol...thats the first thing that i clicked on the article to see, the comments...but none so far, guess its still early

Golfcoachh4366d ago

Its sad to see how ignorant people on this site are. They were all over microsoft and hotmail calling on its shortcoming, but now that it has hit the great and all mighty google, that by the way is on a road to "big brother" status with its partnership with the govt., they are no where to be found.

IdleLeeSiuLung4366d ago

phising schemes affect any service. It really preys on peoples ignorance. It is not a system problem. It's a people problem!!!

riksweeney4366d ago

I really don't understand who still falls for these scams. Most of the ones I get are for a bank I don't use, they're badly written (addressing me as Dear Customer) and even if I do click on the link for the fun of it, Firefox flags it as a phishing scam (and when it doesn't I flag it myself).

I'm quite surprised Gmail got caught out, their spam filter is the best I've ever used and at worst maybe 1 legit email out of 500 I get is marked as spam, never the other way around though.