Most Expensive Items Ever Sold in an MMO

Virtual asset sales are big business and the scope continues to grow as MMOs become more popular.

When Club Neverdie, as asteroid space resort in Entropa Universe, sold for $100,000 it was major news. The fact that it is now valued at over $1 million in value and generates a monthly income for its owner is even bigger news.

Character, item, and currency sales are also big business. There are fears that the sheer volume of sales may eventually invite government regulation or even taxation.

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Muckbeast3298d ago

A million bucks for a piece of MMO real estate. Wow... just wow.

I wonder how much Ironforge is worth. :)

Glamis3298d ago

Not much 2 expansions later. But I bet it was worth a lot originally.

Todd Howard3297d ago

Most expensive item is a glass shield enchanted with waht you wish in Oblivion, great game.

PlayStation X3298d ago

wow and i thought microsoft fanboys got ripped off =/

Xi3298d ago

The value is only going to continue to climb as we develop better and better technology.

Imagine a virtual environment that takes advantage of a peripheral like natal, community features like face-book, twitter, blogger, video and music streaming like youtube and vimeo, more and more life-like graphics and the ability to create, share and sell like in second life. And all of it being portable with you using your next smart phone, laptop and ipod.

The value found in virtual objects will continue to rise.

Glamis3298d ago

Agreed. As the experience of owning a piece of virtual property becomes richer, it will inherently have more value.

Muckbeast3298d ago

Without a doubt.

I think subscripion fees will fall away, and the game developers themselves will start selling more of these virutal items directly as well.

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