Starcraft 2 "Direct Feed" Videos has 2 videos of Starcraft 2 gameplay in action in a high quality.

The videos are not completely new but it is some nice footage of a awesome game in the works.

Part one and two both available after the jump.

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gta_cb4174d ago

i am DEFFINATLY looking forward to getting this, its a shame its not going to be available for any consoles.

gta_cb4174d ago

" has 2 videos of Starcraft 2 gameplay in action in a high quality."

the vid is good quality but it is a small screen, unless there is an option to make it bigger.

specialguest4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

To the right of the video where the user ratings are, there's an option listed as: Watch Larger Format: wmv

direct link:

I don't know, maybe that should help unless you're already aware of that.

id dot entity4174d ago

There is a difference between High Quality and High Def.

gta_cb4174d ago

i know, i was just letting people know it was a bit small to get a good look at the gameplay, "unless there is an option to make it bigger."

kinda hinting for someone to give a link to a bigger size vid lol

id dot entity4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Well there is one way to make it bigger: click the "Watch Larger Format: wmv" link. Better quality, it's bigger and you can set it to high screen (standard WMP option).

(What specialguest is saying...)

DrWan4174d ago

I am sort of disappointed. i haven't seem much new stuff.. looks liek same game with better graphics.

templar, dragoon-like dragoons, SCV, ....siege me new stuff. even buildings for terran looks bloody same.

Cartesian3D4174d ago

Blizzard wont dissapoint u.. they knew what they must to do...

and there isnt enough info about this game... WAIT to see more info.. and wait for BETA test ... :)

Cartesian3D4174d ago

PLZ dont compare Blizzard games to others.. they make their games without bug and release Many patchs for it for making it balance ...

like warcraft III > 1.07- 1.08-....1.11....1.21a-1.21b..

no other companies do it for their players.. making for online gaming (free) ...

this is a must buy title for a person who wants a TRUE RTS GAME. thats all... thanks Blizzard.. :)

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