More Leaked Halo 3 News

Nothing big, just some info on custom games - and what you can customise in the final game. Please note that all options are subject to change until the game is finished.
A member of the Halo 3 Beta forums at has figured out a way to launch the Halo 3 Custom Games lobby. This was meant not to be possible by Bungie, but there is a certain way you can. He claims to have started the game once, and played a custom match, but he hasnt been able to do it ever since. This is what was posted:

"From the forums:"
"Hey guys. This is a glitch I found and posted about. There is a tut in video. But please remember, when the person gets in the custom game lobby, he must change the network to xbox live. Peace! -Twiggy (Ps: There will be more glitches soon )"

Check out the youtube video!

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Xeoset4481d ago

Halo 3 News!

Halo 3 FTW!

Man this comment is made of win.

Drew4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )


Somebody at Bungie is getting it right now. I just heard them scream.

calderra4481d ago

All you really get to see are the game customization options. Although that's cool and all, there's not much more in there than you see in the playlists.

And as I'm sure has been repeated elsewhere- the whole point of the beta is to find bugs. Hard to argue with results like this.

gta_cb4481d ago

cool, hope they get all the bugs etc out before the release date.