PSPgo vs. iPhone/iTouch: Are the Comparisons Warranted

Playstation Lifestyle writes,

"Every gamer out there knows the reasoning behind the release of the PSPgo. It is to make the device itself even more portable and appealing to the person on the go. Many have suggested its to capitalize upon the success of Apple's iPhone/iTouch and the huge success of their App Store. While this may factor into the equation somewhat, it is not enough to warrant the comparisons that I have seen around the web."

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doctorstrange4404d ago

Both are awesome devices, but if I had to choose I'd go for the PSP

FrankDrebin4404d ago

The handheld gaming revolution is under full swing. You have Nintendo, Sony, Apple and rumors of a Microsoft device. Comparing the Apple device (Ipod/Iphone) really isn't fair. While there are plenty of games for the system, they are very specific types of games. Without buttons or controls, the system is very limited. Very gimmicky.

The PSP is a much better device than that of the Ipod/Iphone in terms of real gaming.

So if you wanted to list the systems in order it would go like this...

1. PSP Original (wins due to UMD drive, better device quality, price)
2. PSP Go Second place due to poor quality, price, lack of ability to transfer already purchased games
3. Ipod/Iphone is in 3rd due to lack of controls.

MEsoJD4404d ago

they come out with a psphone they should compare it.

MNicholas4404d ago

They both have their pros and cons.

Serious gamers will prefer the PSP Go, it's superior graphics and physical buttons while the iPod's touchscreen and UI is beautifully designed very easy to use and hence more appealing to casual users.

Trexman894404d ago

I think its important to note that this conversation actually exists about "iphone vs. psp", and Steve jobs has even called the iphone a cool game system. A few months ago I would have thought that Apple has absolutely no plans to make a gaming console, but now i think there is a possibility.

dopeboimagic924404d ago

Good points. Game machine vs MP3 player; it just happens that it works in a dumbed-down vice-versa effect.

Sunny_D4404d ago

I have an iphone, itouch, and a PSP.

JJFNIGHTS804404d ago

You can't compare a game handheld to a phone. Itouch is a PMP so as a PSP but the the only difference Itouch have more apps than PSP. PSP is more features than itouch. And don't compare a phone to a hand held game device. In my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.