Gamers Day 2007 full press briefing video

IGN shows you the whole day 1 press briefing including games such as Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Socom Tactical and Confrentation and more!

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Bill Gates4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

Looking good Sony, looking good.

What up my One Bubble Crew?

sumfood4u4479d ago

It's worth every minute of watching this, even if it's more than 30mins Believe It!

LoveHateTragedy4479d ago

Sony winning the console war in one day with this event were slightly exaggerated, the future certainly looks very bright for Playstation fans. Expect the "Sony Just Won the Console War" statement to appear at E3 though, and with some shocking new titles to back it up.

giovonni4479d ago

Sony does this to often, show videos of games. I need to play these games before I pass judgment. I can understand the Sony fans pain. I'd be excited about home and little big planet too when there are really no great aaa titles right now, and no Motor storm is not an aaa title. What a lot of people tend to forget is, each company is coming out with some great titles. It kills me when people start labeling the Death of Xbox, Wii, or ps3 when they see a few good games coming out. Neither company is just going to stand idle while these hot games come out. Lets be honest, you think Xbox is stupid enough to let sony drop Metal Gear, with out dropping Halo 3, or the Wii dropping Metroid, or a mario game? "Smarten" up people, I understand you want to justify your purchase but da$5 lets not label something dead until the company says so. Hell, Sony fans have been saying the Xbox was dead from the start and it still built a fan base, and no it just wasn't Halo that did it.