Exclusive Interview - Halo: Uprising

IGN has the first details on the Marvel Comics story that is integral to Halo lore.

In less than six years, the Halo franchise has become one of the biggest in the videogame industry, and is nearly synonymous with the Xbox brand. The first chapter in the first-person shooter trilogy became a blockbuster and was a true "killer app" for the fledgling Xbox. Halo 2 was even bigger than its predecessor, propelling Microsoft's Xbox Live online service to new heights. The game remained the top attraction for Xbox gamers until it was displaced two years later by Gears of War.

On September 25, Bungie Studios is releasing the third installment in the series. Fans around the world have flocked to the Halo 3 Beta, which was just launched earlier this week. As IGN type this, over 40,000 people are playing the Beta; over 600,000 Halo 3 games have been played in the last 24 hours. Mind you this is with a limited set of features, weapons, options and only three maps.

But what about the story of the Halo Universe? When we last saw Master Chief, he had stowed away on a Forerunner ship, intent on finishing the fight with the Covenant. What happens next? Bungie is actually going to tell that story with Marvel Comics. Halo: Uprising is a four issue mini-series which will track the actions of Master Chief, as well as the Covenant and a city on Earth, spanning the time between the end of Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Last summer, at the San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced that they would be working on the Halo project. This past spring, at the New York Comic-Con, it was announced that writer Brian Bendis and artist Alex Maleev, best known for their award-winning work on Daredevil, would be handling the first arc of the series, which ships in July. Further details have been scarce. Marvel and Bungie have kept a tight lid on any and all information regarding the series - until now. IGN has been given the exclusive first details on the series from Brian Bendis, and Halo fans are definitely going to be interested. Read on for more.

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Success or Sourface, Tomb Raider comic books I don't even think they make them anymore. It just Depends on the fans, an buyers to decide Halo comic future! I mentioned Tomb Raider cause it's comic book came with it's popularity, same will go with Halo!

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were very well done. I hope these also do well