PS3 seriously backwards

The latest nugget of next-gen info tells us Sony's new console will play every PlayStation game in existence.

Gamer136526d ago

But i only will be playing ps3 games.

jedicurt6526d ago

Wow, that is amazing, they are claiming that it will work for every game. awesome

kingboy6526d ago

sony is good at this department so it`s normal.

joemutt6526d ago

Ive played them to death, sold them all years ago. Never played a xbox game on my 360, never played a PS1 game on my PS2.

I know the PS3 will have a dry spell when it comes to games at launch, but if I cant find anything to play, I will go do some yardwork or something. I wont go digging through the closet to find an old PS1 game just to play it on a PS3.

I guess its for those that cant afford any games after dropping a months salary on a PS3.

Bishop6526d ago

This is supposed to allow you to play any games including thoose unique to Asia and Europes format. This will help when the system launchs Just like being able to play Halo 2 on 360 helped because at first games will be limted. Of course 360 games are stilllimted and supposedly at E3 Microsoft announced that they were done with backwards compatability because the future was forward not backward but there are many old games that I still love for the PS1 & 2.

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