Operation Flashpoint 2: screenshot comparison between PS3 and PC version

Videogameszone created a screenshot comparison between PS3 and PC version of Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising. More details and better textures in PC version. In comparison to PC the PS3 version looks a bit blurry.

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Darkseider3391d ago

The same can be said when comparing the XBox 360 version to the PC version. This is what happens when you create a game for the PC and drop it on consoles. BAD IDEA. We have seen by example what the PS3 and Xbox 360 are capable of graphically with titles like Killzone 2, UC:2, GeOW 2, etc... When the games are made for a specific platform by capable devs the results are quite amazing. When they are made by a PC studio and ported to consoles in hopes of extra sales this is what we get. Demand better.

Winter47th3391d ago

All I see is brown, what graphics?

darkmurder3391d ago

PC you've done it again, btw was optimised for consoles then to PC it seems, wtf no dedicated servers! ARGH!

YoungKiller253391d ago

this is definitely a PC game not console game

droid and bot3390d ago

i think an open system like the PC with technical unlimited powers and no limitations to consider
should not be compared with closed system like the PS3 or 360 where the developers got limitations to consider

and that's because
in PC
the gamer should follow the developers and the game requirements

while on consoles
its the developers that got to follow the consoles requirements

that’s why always
no matter what you did
the PC version of any game
well be always 1000000 times better than the consoles version

Sangheili853390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

I was going off what my friend who seems obsessed with this game told me. Damn him and his lies!
Thanks Pandamobile for your enlightenment

Pandamobile3390d ago

That's not true...

The game is made on PC. They use an in-game mission editor (that comes with the PC version of the game) to make the entire game. Sort of like what Crytek does.

badz1493390d ago

are they trying to imply that the PS3 is not capable of incredible graphic? or simply wanna boast about what a powerful PC runs rounds over the consoles? but the console version of this game doesn't even look better than BF:BC! try KZ2 if anybody really think that the PS3 is not capable of so much more!

champ213390d ago

@ druid & bot

all it i takes is a 150usd gpu upgrade on a 2 year old pc

to beat any of the consoles.

imo pc gaming is now cheaper then consoles.

Syronicus3390d ago

But if you do not have a PC then the PS3 version will be the best you will see and play. That is, in comparison to the PS3 and PC versions of course.

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SeanScythe3391d ago

All I can say is what are you expecting? Anything on console compared to PC is going to look like it is running on the Wii. Maybe if the game was built on console first then ported to PC but that's not going to happen. It's still a good game and I'm thinking of getting both versions if I enjoy the PS3 version.

Raf1k13390d ago

True. It's usually a waste of time comparing to the PC.
'More details and better textures' are to be expected on the PC version.

free2game3653390d ago

Given the current state of development no, most games usually look exactly the same on PCs as consoles.

sub853391d ago

PC version looks much better...

renegade3391d ago

well if you have a High end PC.

Pandamobile3391d ago

Any midrange PC will run OF:DR2 better than the PS3/360.

It looks and runs great on my dual core CPU and 8800 GTS 512 (not my main PC)

No problems maxing the game out at 1680 x 1050 with 4x anti-aliasing.

TechWiz3390d ago

"It looks and runs great on my dual core CPU and 8800 GTS 512 (not my main PC) No problems maxing the game out at 1680 x 1050 with 4x anti-aliasing"

According to your statement, My laptop Dual Core T9300 cpu (2.5ghz w/ 6mb cache) with 512 8800gts, will run this game on max settings. I was going to wait for the demo to see how it fairs before I buy.

ShabzS3391d ago

man this game looks good

LinuxGuru3391d ago

This gets a big fat DUH