Toyota FT-86 Concept Goes Sideways In Gran Turismo

Jalopnick wrote: "Almost as cool as this morning's first look at the anxiously-awaited and so-pre-production-we-can-almost-taste-it Toyota FT-86 Concept is this video of the "Subieyota" going sideways around corners in the digital world of GT5 with a little AE86 following. Adorable!"

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Bodyboarder_VGamer4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

Toyota returning to its racing roots after abandoning the Supra, MR2 and Celica? Interesting... This is the first time I heard about this concept car. I don't like the design that much though...

Isaahc4272d ago

looks like a mazda concept than a toyota :/

i_am_interested4272d ago

a fully modeled engine, great work PD

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